Life with One Direction

Just on tour with your five best friends. When one of them wants to be more! Read this if you want to find out more(:


3. texting

Next day.

Lucy's POV.
I can't wait to go on a date with Lou. I wonder what I should wear, maybe something fancy. I'm not sure I'll text him.

To Boobear- Hey Lou where are we going for our date? :)xx

To Lulu- Hey babe, I cant tell yah, hehe(; x

To Boobear- Well should I wear something fancy or casual? x

To Lulu- fancy;) I have to go, see yah laterr babe x

To Boobear- kaykay, byee(: x

Something fancy? Oh, I wonder if we're going to a restaurant or something like that.

Louis' POV.
Lulu texted ( A/N not sure how to spell that.) me asking where we're going but I wanted to keep it a secret. I am taking her to a beach to see the sunset and have a picnic. I hope she likes it. I'll text hee saying what time I'll pick her up.

To Lulu- Babe, I'll pick you up at six? x

To Boobear- yeah sure can't wait!;D x

To Lulu- me neither! See yah soon! x

To Boobear- Kay bye x

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