Life with One Direction

Just on tour with your five best friends. When one of them wants to be more! Read this if you want to find out more(:


1. Introducing me!

A/N this is my first fanfict and I'm pretty sure it's gonna suck:L so eh.. Sorry if I give you brain damage.. Btw my names Niamh (pronounced Neeve)

Hi, I'm Lucy but my friends call me Lulu! I'm really kind and bubbly. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. And I'm 19 and have no brothers or sisters.
Lucy's POV.
I was on the tour bus with the guys. I can't believe they actually wanted me to come on tour with them! I've known them since I was eight and we've all been bestfriends since. Oh yeah, and Louis said he needed to talk to me. Wonder what that's all about!
Louis' POV.
I really like Lucy, but I doubt she likes me back. I told her to come to my room and said we needed to talk. I'm finally gonna tell her I like her. I'm probably gonna panic and mess it up! Wish me luck!
Lucy's POV.
I knocked on Louis' door "come in!" so I walked in. "hey Boobear!" I said. "hey Lulu!" Louis replied.
"so, what did you want to tell me?" I ask. "Oh yeah that eh"he struggles. "um, what?" I ask. "I like y- em I like this girl.." He says at last. "oh okay who is she?" I say getting interested.
"I can't tell you" he mumbles. "oh come on Lou, we've been best friends forever. Tell me!" I beg. "I- it's you.." Omg.
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