Life with One Direction

Just on tour with your five best friends. When one of them wants to be more! Read this if you want to find out more(:


4. Date time

Lucy's POV.
What should I wear? I look through my closet and pick out two dresses a pink sparkly dress with one strap. Eh too girly. And the other one is lacy black dress with three quarter sleeves. I'm definitely picking the black one. I'm just gonna put on minimum makeup. Foundation, blusher, eyeliner, liquid liner and lipgloss. And I'll wear black heels. Oh, Lou just texted me.

To Lulu- are you ready? cuz I'll pick you up in ten, Kay?(: x

To Boobear- yeah sure! x

*ten minutes later*

The doorbell rings. I run to the door and Lou is just standing there looking incredibly sexy.

" hey Lucy you look b- beautiful" Lou stutters.

" hehe, why thank you, you look rather handsome yourself."

"well don't I always?"

" Yes, of course you do." I giggle.

"now we shall get going"

"yes we shall"

" right this way m'lady"

*skip car ride."

When we got there there was a beautiful sunset and picnic at the beach.

"oh Lou, this is so beautiful!"

"almost as beautiful as you" he says. I giggle.

We watched the sunset, had dinner and talked for a while.

Then Lou says " Lucy I know this is only our first date but I really like you. Will you please be my girlfriend?"

I really liked him to but I mean it's our first date don't you think it's going to fast? Oh what the heck! Just go for it Lucy!

"of course I will Lou!"

And then we kissed.

A/N well I have school tomorrow so I won't update as often and I need a girlfriend for Zayn just comment hair colour eye colour name personality etc. And the same for Nialls girl bestfriend. And btw I'm no gonna put in any ' you know what(; ' scenes. Kay bye(:
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