Best Friends?

This is about how 1 guy turns on his best friend.


1. Are you next?


“Hey” said Brandy as he was talking to Jenifer his best friend. They were talking about how school sucked and how Trixie bullied the new kid in school Landon. Trixie thought Landon was really cute.  When Jenifer was walking home she realized there was a voice in the air calling out “Brandy, Brandy, and Brandy”. She was super scared, for a minute she thought it was Brandy behind her. She looked behind her and he won’t there. This wont funny to her at all. When she got home her mom asked what was wrong she ran upstairs and cried. She thought it was a ghost or something like that. She is known to be really sensitive. Brandy when he was walking home something tripped him. He looked everywhere and nothing was there.  When he got home he went upstairs and wondered. His room was so small he could basically take one step. He slept on the couch. Brandy was a poor kid he was abused a lot. He lives with his dad. When Brandy went to go to sleep he heard his dad talking to a woman. They were talking about marriage and talking about children. Brandy thought another child would be worse he would sleep on the ground outside with no covers because he was the oldest and the oldest can take care of each other better than a younger.

                The next day Jenifer woke up with breakfast on the table. Brandy woke up with nothing at all no food he had to go to school to get the crappy food they served. When Jenifer and Brandy got to school they both did not mention anything to each other about what happened yesterday. As usual school sucked. It was always the usual Landon got bullied, Trixie got detention, and the rest of the day was boring no fun at all not even in P.E... Jenifer and Brandy were talking and Jenifer saw bruises on his arm. She asked what happened. Jenifer never knew that Brandon was abused. He didn’t say anything at all. Brandy as usual rode the bus and Jenifer rode in their new Camaro.

                Nothing happened awkwardly like yesterday just something sad. Very. Brandy was at home and usual when he said one word he got punched, slapped, kicked, or pinched real hard. Except one day was enough. When Brandy got home his dad told him I’m getting married. This was no big surprise to Brandy, he had already heard that. Then when his dad said were having more children. Brandy said one word and his last English word “why”. His dad took him upstairs and beat him up to death. He screamed, cried, yelled, and then nothing else. He stopped breathing, and he started to turn pail. His dad then threw him out in the garbage and just to make sure he was dead, shot him.

                The next day everyone was sad. Nobody talked in class nobody at all the even the teacher was silent the only words she said was “we are going to make a card today for Brandy”. Brandy Jenifer thought. What the crap are they talking about she wondered. She raised her hand and asked why. The teacher in response said “he died yesterday haven’t you heard”. A lump grew in her throat and a tear came down her cheek. After school she was so sad. She cried and cried all day long till her party she had to go to. Jenifer was dressed in a sparkly blue crop top with ripped up booty shorts and black boots. Her hair was pulled to the side and she was wearing very dull makeup because of how hurt she was about Brandy. At the party everyone complimented on her I mean everyone. These several boys wanted to hook up. Of course she slapped them all.

                After the party she went home in pain not on her body in her heart Brandy was her best friend but she developed a type of love for him not any friendship love but more than that. She went to sleep not telling her mom what had happened. When she was thinking about telling her mom a conscious to her came and said heck no what are you thinking. Later after the party she was alone mom and dad went out for a drink at the bar and her sister was at her boyfriend’s house having fun. So she was alone with nobody to talk to. Her parents later called her and said “honey you need to take care of yourself tonight your dad and I are too drunk to drive we will be their tomorrow morning okay baby I love you night”. She threw the phone on the ground and cried. They never ever got too drunk to where they can’t pure drive home; it was sickening to her stomach. Then later on that night her sister called and said “take care tonight I’m staying with Rodd the best boyfriend ever tonight love you”. So she was alone with nobody at all.

                Later on that night she heard a noise and a scream. She was so frightened she went downstairs to see what was going on. Her heart was pounding because she could have sworn that the doorknob had moved but she kept on thinking the doorknob did not open several times over and over. She looked and looked at the door till it had swung open. Nobody was their till a figure has shown up skinny looking figure. The words he said were different than anybody else’s. He was not real he was dead looking. No eyes and a hole and bruises. “What is your name” she asked. ”Meek mop mope Brandy meek”. She could not believe it, it was Brandy. ” What are you doing here” she asked.  “Meek mope you want to stay with me forever mope”? “Not now I love my life and I love my friends and I know you’re my best friend but I will see you soon”. “To bad” he said in a devilish voice. “What do you mean” she asked very scared but she was trying to keep her cool. “I’m going to kill you so we can be together I got abused before I died and now you are going to get abused and die to and I was never your best friend I just wanted to be so I could prove my dad wrong”. When he said that Jenifer tried to reach for the phone but it was nowhere to be seen he had token it and broke it. No more strange language came from him just a knife from his hand and a gun. “I will kill you I hate you”. He got real close to Jenifer a lot of things were running through her mind. This was it for Jenifer. Later in that night she was stabbed 15 times and shot 3 times.

                In the morning her family walked in laughing and having a good time till they saw Jenifer on the floor dead with a note that said……….. Do not try to figure out who did this I Brandy James Miller killed her. She is now living with me with no pain at all. She is okay up here. I hated her so much because she was so popular and rich I just wanted to be like her so when I died I decided to kill her to make me happy. Sincerely Brandy.

                They were shocked, crying, and their hands were bloody from hugging and kissing her. She was just covered in blood that could basically be considered her clothes. They had that funeral later on that night and everyone was crying. They had somehow got her cleaned up and her hair was for some reason never touched with blood. She was in her beautiful violet dress with notes surrounding her everywhere. This was a sad day for the House families they were confused on how she died and why would her best friend do that. Later on the authority’s figured out that somehow his sprit was still alive at your house and his dad abused him to death. What was most awkward was that the trip from the boy Brandy was caused by his friend that had died Cameron his sprit was still alive at his home and it stilled followed him around. The call for Jenifer yelling Brandy Brandy Brandy was from Cameron her friend to.

                 Ever since then people were dying from sprits that were still alive in their homes and that were real close. Have you had a friend who died or family member? Will you be the next one who dies?

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