Like A Love Song *Sequel to February 14, 2013*

After what felt like forever, he finally looked up at me. It frustrated me so much that I couldn't see his face in the darkness. The lights beaming behind him made it even harder to tell. I could barely see the smirk on his face. He took a step closer while I was frozen on the spot, our bodies almost touching.
"Hello beautiful."


3. Taking It Slow

Zayn's POV:



Jenna's been acting weird, the way she talks and moves seems unnatural. Kind of like she's uncomfortable. How could I be making her uncomfortable? I guess I am acting pretty weird... Offering the tea, the looks I'm giving. I don't mean to stare, but now that she's knows I like her I can't seem to help myself.

"Do you think this is weird?" I asked, slouching back into the couch. "Think what's weird?" She knew exactly what I was talking about, I don't know why she always needs confirmation.

"This. Us." I simply replied. It always starts to irritate me when I have to point out the obvious. She just shrugged and looked back at the TV. It was a while until either of us said anything again.

"So I'm the first girl you've really liked?" Jenna asked while putting her cup in the sink, I was following right behind her. "Yeah, believe it or not..." I chuckled. Despite the number of girls I've dated, none of them meant too much to me.

That's a terrible thing to say, now that I think about it... My feelings are just different for Jenna. I don't even know how to begin explaining it in a way that'll make sense.

"What do you think we should do about it?" Jenna asked as we stood in the kitchen. I want to be with her, I know that much. But I'm not gonna just come out and say it. It'll scare her away, I know it will. "Your call." I replied. Hoping for the best, but I knew she was uneasy. She took a while to answer, probably trying to decide upon her options. Sometimes I wish I could just read her mind, her expressions are so difficult to understand. It's like she does that on purpose.

"I think... We should take things slow."

Not the worst answer, so I was slightly relieved. When she didn't come out and say 'No', I realized she might like me back. Which I probably should've figured out first...

"So... Does that mean you like me?" I asked with a smirk. I realized how dumb that must look, so I quickly wiped it off and went more serious. She looked at the floor and started smiling, no matter how hard she tried to hide it I still saw her blush. "Maybe, a little. But I still need time to think this through." She said. "Fair enough." I shrugged.

It was a little while longer before she left, we didn't do much but talk like we would normally. It's good to know we might become something more than this.

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