Like A Love Song *Sequel to February 14, 2013*

After what felt like forever, he finally looked up at me. It frustrated me so much that I couldn't see his face in the darkness. The lights beaming behind him made it even harder to tell. I could barely see the smirk on his face. He took a step closer while I was frozen on the spot, our bodies almost touching.
"Hello beautiful."


4. Nialler

Niall's POV:


I sat in my room playing guitar for a while. Well, I tried to. I couldn't get Jenna out of my mind. Nothing new. I really don't want to face her about Zayn. But I know I'll have to eventually. She's always so persistent, doesn't stop until she gets what she wants. I like that about her, but at the same time I don't...

I needed something to get Jenna off my mind. All I do is think about her, and I'm starting to annoy myself. I walked downstairs, being greeted by my mum. I simply said Hi and looked through the fridge. I wasn't in the mood to start a conversation.

I hate when there's so many different foods to pick from, yet none of them sound good. Which is weird, I'm not picky. But for some reason nothing sounds appetizing. I closed the fridge door in disappointment. Looks like that's not going to distract me.

I went back up to my room and checked through twitter. Nothing interesting.

Tumblr, same thing.



Nothing. It's all just nothing.

Even though its not what I wanted to resort to, seems like hanging out with someone's the only way I'll get through the day without complete boredom. I looked through my contacts and finally picked Harry. Me and him don't get to hang out much, he's always with Zayn or Jenna now. But never me.

I called, no answer.

Again, still no answer.

This usually isn't like him, so I decided to text him.


N: Hey man, txt me when u can.


I sat in my room waiting, humming to the tune of Lego House by Ed Sheeran. Then it turned into singing, loudly might I add. Harry still hasn't texted, so I kept singing. Despite my mum could probably hear me, I was having fun.

Give me Love, Look After You, Valerie; I was singing a bunch of songs that came to mind. I usually don't sing, but I liked it. I started singing Daylight by Adam Levine, at this point I was off my bed and dancing around my room. Right as I was in the chorus I spun around, only to stop dead in my tracks.

Because right in my doorway stood the one and only, Jenna Houston.



"What are you doing here?" I asked, my face was burning from embarrassment. How long was she watching me?

"Your mum let me in, I hope you don't mind. But you have a lovely voice." She said with a smile. I turned my head away and shyly smiled to myself, hoping she wouldn't notice. I sat back down on my bed and patted the space next to me, my way if asking her to sit with me. "What brought ya over here?" I asked as she walked over. "I don't know. I didn't have anything to do after Zayn's, so I decided to hang out with you. Why, were you busy?" she asked a little nervously. "No, no, I was just hanging out. What happened at Zayn's?" I asked.

I didn't really want to hear the details, I mean, who would. But I felt rude not asking. It's probably why she really came over in the first place.

"It was casual. I told him I just want to take things slow."

"Why's that?" I was becoming more interested, I was surprised she didn't want to be his girlfriend right away. Everyone does.

"I'm not sure about him. I mean, yeah I've spent time with him and he's a good friend and all but I can't be certain where his trust lies." She answered. She slumped back against the wall my bed was next to. "But you guys have been so close, and you still don't trust him?" I questioned. "Well, lets not forget about how he treated me for years, it something something easy to get over..." She started to trail off as she talked, mumbling things to herself. I moved closer to her, my legs crossed and body facing her from the side.

"Do you... Like him?" I asked. I regretted it instantly, knowing what I've gotten myself into. Why would I ever want to know this? But the curiosity of what's going on in her mind was just killing me.

"Is it bad if I do?" She practically whispered, raising her eyes off her lap.

Why me?

"I don't know..." I simply answered, avoiding eye contact now. We sat in silence for a while, both of us off in our own worlds. Lately it's been so hard to talk to her. She never knows what she wants, and it confuses the rest of us. She sees it as either Zayn or no one. She doesn't even consider me, and I think that's what hurts the most. I'm not even considered so much as a second choice. What's wrong with me?

"Ahem." Jenna said sarcastically. I snapped out of my thoughts and looked up at her. "Yeah?"

"I asked you if you were okay." She laughed.

I became embarrassed at how deep into thought I was. "Haha, um, yeah. Why wouldn't I be?" I asked. Maybe she knows I want to be hers?

"You just seemed upset. Disconnected."

Nope; scratch that idea.

"Just deep in my thoughts.." I replied with a little chuckle. She smile at me and stood up, offering out a hand. "The night is still young, how bout we go for a walk?" She suggested. "Sure, why not." I agreed and grabbed her hand.




"I'm serious! He knew it terrified me, that damn doll..." I said, trying to hold in the laughter. We'd been walking a few blocks for a while, it still hadn't got dark yet so we continued to walk out towards the city. I always found it more interesting there than around all of these fancy houses. Jenna couldn't control her laughter, we were sharing embarrassing stories from when we were just children. I don't know how it started, but it was interesting.

"Alright, alright. Your turn." I said, letting out a little chuckle. She thought for a while until she finally spoke.

"Ah, here's one. Once when I was... Eight? Eight or nine, I was listening to country music with my father. We would always sit out on the porch with some lemonade and a radio, relaxing. A couple of guys came over, maybe fifteen or sixteen. Me, being the little flirt I am," she said with slight sarcasm, "was totally into these guys and felt the need to make an impression. They came over to help my father with something on the car, I don't exactly remember. I sat on the porch, constantly smiling at them. I wanted an excuse to talk to them, so I went inside to get our dog, Tyra. She was small enough for me to carry around at the time. Skipping the rest of the details, me and one of the guys were playing with Tyra on the porch when she jumped up, ripping a whole in the front of the guys jeans, exposing his underwear. Needless to say, he didn't show up around our house after that, nor his friends..."

I stopped walking and looked at her, just before bursting out in laughter. "Jeez, Jenna, you sure know how to make a first impression..." I teased. She playfully slapped my arm and started laughing.

We walked a while longer, looked at a few shops until things died down and things began to hit closing time. We walked back, hand in hand. We didn't talk about much afterwards. Thankfully we didn't have to talk about Zayn, or any of the other guys. We just talked about each other and ourselves. It was nice.

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