Like A Love Song *Sequel to February 14, 2013*

After what felt like forever, he finally looked up at me. It frustrated me so much that I couldn't see his face in the darkness. The lights beaming behind him made it even harder to tell. I could barely see the smirk on his face. He took a step closer while I was frozen on the spot, our bodies almost touching.
"Hello beautiful."


12. Lazy Nights

"Have you talked to Liam?" I asked Marilyn, taking a bite into my cheeseburger. "I've called him countless times and texted him, but he hasn't responded. I guess all I can do is give him space, then talking to him on Monday." She sighed. I shrugged and focused back on my lunch, both of us staying silent for a while. 
"Do you think he'll forgive me?" Marilyn asked. She spoke so quiet, I could barely hear her. "I don't know, honestly. But he's a really nice guy, not one to hold a grudge." I answered. Liam is always the good guy, but I didn't really know where things were going anymore. 
Marilyn left after lunch, so I walked back up to my room and checked my phone. 

Harry: Are you okay?

Harry was actually the first person to ask me that. When someone sees their boyfriend kiss their drunk best friend, it seems like more people would be asking if she's okay, but I guess not. 

J: I'm managing. Have you talked to Zayn or Niall today?

The last time I saw Niall was upstairs at Louis', he left before I could catch up to him. I tried calling him 30 times, but after a while his phone started going straight to voicemail. 

H: Niall stopped by earlier to get some clothes but wouldn't talk to me.... Haven't heard from Zayn. I think he stayed at Lou's. 

J: That explains a little.. Thanks x

A little bit of relief was lifted knowing it wasn't entirely that Zayn hasn't talked to me because he didn't care. He's just at Louis'. He probably passed out, right?
I'm so pathetic. 

H: No problem :) sure you're alright? Cause I'm up for a movie night if you need it. 

J: That actually sounds relieving, mine or yours?

H: You can come by mine around 5


"Jenna!" Harry yelled and pulled me into a hug. "Harry!" I laughed, hugging him back. "Got the stuff?" He asked when pulling away. "Got the stuff." I replied in a fake deep voice, referring to the candy and popcorn he requested at last minute.
We decided to watch Titanic first, not really a favourite on my list but I love watching Harry recite every romantic line like its all he ever does. 
Afterwards we watched the first season of Friends, and 17 Again. 
We didn't talk almost the whole time, which is different for us. But it was a good silence, we were just enjoying each others presence. 
After 17 Again, Harry let out a big sigh and slouched further into the couch. "So talk to me." He said, stretching his arms out. "About what?" I asked. "Anything," he shrugged. "Whatever is on your mind."
I thought for a while, then finally asked. "Did you know about Niall?"
He looked at me confused for a moment, then it clicked. "Did he tell you?" 
"No," I sighed. "After the fight I was looking over his bruises and saw. He left the party right after and hasn't talked to me since," I explained. "But, why?"
"He has a lot to deal with," Harry said. "It's not just because of you so don't-"
"Wait, me?" I interrupted, stunned. "Yeah?" He answered, confused again. "You know... It's best he tells you, I don't know how much he wants to spill..."

It was about 10 when I finally drove back home, I didn't have plans on staying the night. 


Laying in my bed, all I could do was think about everything. 
About having Marilyn as my best friend again. About spending more time with my mum. About being able to spend lazy nights with Harry. And for that moment, I felt happy with my life. It's good.
Then I remembered Niall. And his wrists. And Zayn. And their unlikely repairable friendship. And Louis' party. And Marilyn losing Liam. And all the bad things just came crashing down on me at once. 
This group is broken. 

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