Like A Love Song *Sequel to February 14, 2013*

After what felt like forever, he finally looked up at me. It frustrated me so much that I couldn't see his face in the darkness. The lights beaming behind him made it even harder to tell. I could barely see the smirk on his face. He took a step closer while I was frozen on the spot, our bodies almost touching.
"Hello beautiful."


16. Late Night Thoughts

Jenna's POV:

The second we got back to Louis', they were already pestering me about my mood. They knew I'd been lost in thought, I'd never been too great at hiding that. After a good ten minutes of arguing that I was fine, I eventually gave in. The three of us sat on the couch whilst Harry handed out hot chocolate. I explained to them about my mums condition, and they both stayed quiet for a moment like they were trying to process everything. 
Harry was the first one to pipe up, "She's going to be okay, right?" I nodded with a smile, causing them both to sigh of relief. 
I honestly didn't know for sure if she would be alright, but it could be worse. Happy thoughts, I told myself, happy thoughts
Louis put his arm around my shoulder and gave a supportive smile, while Harry rambled on about how everything would be okay, and how they would be there for me the entire way. 
"Alright guys, enough of this sappy stuff. Tonight's supposed to be fun." I said after a long silence. Both boys chuckled a bit and started going into deep conversation about the most irrelevant things. Not that I'm complaining, it was nice to go back to pointless bickering between them. 
"Have any thoughts on Niall and Zayn yet?" Louis asked, finishing his hot chocolate. I shrugged in response but didn't say anything. "We'll support whatever your decision is, you know that." 
I smiled at the both of them, thanking them for always being so sweet. "What if I did forgive Zayn? Where would leave Niall and I?" Both boys gave a sympathetic look, and from that I could already tell what their answer was. "Right.." I mumbled. 
"He'll come around eventually," Harry tried to comfort, though his tone didn't sound very convincing. 
"but not everyone can win, Jenna."


It was late, and I couldn't bring myself to fall asleep. I thought for who knows how long about what to do with Zayn, to forgive him and give it another shot or to shut him out completely.  
The more I thought about the second option, the more impossible it seemed. He would always be around, considering we have the same group of friends. There would always be those awkward silences and trying to avoid eye contact between us when we're all hanging out. 
I thought about what what Harry said earlier about Niall accepting it eventually. He didn't seem too confident when he said it, but it seemed to make some sense. Niall can't stay mad forever, just like I can't stay mad at Zayn. He'll come to his senses sooner or later, and everything will be back to normal. That's what this is all about, right? Just to have our group back together. 
Despite it being close to midnight, I pulled my phone put from under my pillow and searched through my contacts. When I found Zayn's name, I pressed 'Call' hesitantly. 
My heart started beating faster for some weird reason when the ringing started, but I felt like my heart completely stopped when the ringing ended and there was ruffling on the other end of the call. 

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