Like A Love Song *Sequel to February 14, 2013*

After what felt like forever, he finally looked up at me. It frustrated me so much that I couldn't see his face in the darkness. The lights beaming behind him made it even harder to tell. I could barely see the smirk on his face. He took a step closer while I was frozen on the spot, our bodies almost touching.
"Hello beautiful."


9. Hit Me

A/N: This chapter is in third person, my apologies for the change. I suck at writing these kind of fights in first person, haha. Just this one time (unless there's another fight like this, which I doubt) but I hope you still enjoy :) x

Niall grabbed Jenna around the shoulders in hopes she wouldn't have seen his face. Not that it mattered, she was definitely going to find out sooner than later. 
Niall was filled with anger. How does Zayn always manage to screw up? He asked himself. It was almost impressive how many girls he's been non-committal to. 
"Was that Zayn?" Jenna asked, looking up at Niall. He pulled her into the empty hallway and gave her a sympathetic look. He knew this would happen. He motioned for Jenna to stay put. Zayn bumped into him when turning the corner, catching Niall by surprise for a moment. 
"Where's Jenna?" Zayn asked quietly, although everyone's eyes were already on the two. 
"You're not touching her." Niall responded coldly, pushing Zayn back with his chest out. His jaw and hands were clinched tightly. "C'mon Niall, let me talk to my girlfriend." Zayn smirked and tried to brush past Niall. Niall simply refused to let him past, stepping back in front of Zayn.  
"Let me see my girlfriend." Zayn said more sternly. When Niall stayed put, Zayn shoved him back. 
Bad choice, buddy. 
Niall's temper rose higher, if that was even possible. Maybe it was the chanting crowd behind them or the alcohol in his veins, whatever it was, it pushed him further than usual. 
Niall unclenched his fists and shoved Zayn back. "You don't fucking touch her." He spat. Zayn stumbled back a bit. "Its my girlfriend, Niall. Why are you freaking out so much?" Zayn asked. Niall's never argued with him about his girlfriends like this. "Guess there's a first for everything," Niall chuckled deeply. "It's Jenna. Not just some girl." He mocked, walking closer to Zayn. Getting back on his feet completely, he laughed at Niall. "It was just a kiss Niall, it didn't mean anything. It was the drinks getting to me." Zayn said calmly. "Bullshit, Zayn. There's no alcohol in your breath." Niall practically yelled. Liam tried to walk up to him and calm him down, only to be pulled back by Harry. "Let them work it out, Niall was gonna crack sooner or later..." Harry whispered. Liam knew exactly what he meant, considering he's been spending almost all of his free time with Niall nowadays. So, they sat back impatiently having to wait for something to happen. 
"Outta my way." Zayn murmured to Niall, pushing him out of the way. He could see Jenna standing behind the corner watching. He couldn't read her emotions, not sure whether she was angry or sad. 
She wasn't sure, herself. 
Niall pulled him out of his thoughts by yelling. Zayn could barely understand what he was saying, his words were slurred and thick with his Irish accent. 
"Don't start this fight," Zayn said, giving Niall a disappointed look. He really wasn't in the mood for all of this anymore. "You don't want this."
"Yeah?" Niall laughed sarcastically. He pushed Zayn back harshly. "Hit me." 
Zayn looked baffled. He wants me to hit him? 
"W-what?" He stuttered, still a little shocked. 
"You heard me, bitch. Hit me!" Niall yelled, holding his arms out wide. 
"Hit me!" He repeated, waiting for Zayn to make the first move. Giving Niall what he wanted, Zayn smashed his fist into Niall's jaw. Without hesitation, Niall retaliated. He threw a punch right at Zayn's eye. Zayn winced at the pain, crouching over. Niall took the opportunity to knee Zayn right in the stomach. With that, he completely fell to the floor and groaned. The crowd was still watching, chanting whoever's name. Niall climbed on top of Zayn and roughly grabbed him by the collar. Zayn could see the clear bruise forming on Niall's cheek, and wondered what exactly he looked at this point. 
Niall threw another punch at him and started yelling. Not that Zayn was listening, he was just concentrated on the pain and trying to push Niall off of him. 
After a few more punches and kicks from both boys, Liam and Harry decided to break them up. Louis was passed out on the couch, despite all of the screaming going on around him. Harry pulled Niall upstairs while Liam helped Zayn get up and walked him off into the bathroom.
All eyes in the room fell on Jenna, including Marilyn who was crying. All Jenna could do was stand there in shock at what had just happened.
She slowly turned back around the corner and slumped down against the wall, trying to process everything. 

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