5 Ways To Know

How do you know when a guy is gay?

1: He doesn't fall for the hot girl

2: He always knows what looks good and goes with what

3: He sits through a chick flick without legging it

4: He looks at a guy like he's a piece of meat

5: He thinks you're 'cute' or 'pretty' when no one else does!!!

Linda's theory does seem pretty much right, but Luke fits into all of them, which means he's gay, correct?


1. prologue


"Linda, help Lucy with her stuff," Mrs Davis ordered Linda as she was carrying a cardboard box filled with her possessions into the newly bought house.


"Yes mama," Linda answered while walking back to the car to help her younger sister Lucy.


The Davis' had just moved into Willow Lane- Mr and Mrs Davis and their two daughters, Linda and Lucy.


"Can you cawey the west pwease," Lucy so called sweetly asked Linda and started to walk away from the car back into the house, not waiting for an answer. 4 years old and already a snob. 


Linda took out her sister's suitcase from their car's boot and ambled along to the porch. She continued, walking up and down the cobbled pathway, over and over again until finally she had reached the last of Lucy's things.


"You know, you should let her do that herself, she's not a baby," a young boy who looked about the age of seven told Linda.


From where he was standing, Linda could only see his small figure hidden by the red brick wall which seperated their houses. He had his gaze averted towards Lucy's pink teddy, eying the object in distaste.


"How long have you been here? My dad taught me how to fight, you know, so you have to stay right away otherwise you will get a piece of me," Linda warned him, threateningly.


"Well, long enough to see your sister doesn't care about you and treats you like a slave, you look older though which means she's the one who's supposed to do it," he replied only to her question, seeming to ignore her warning completely.


"I am older, and she's just a child and younger which means I have to show her how it's done," she told him proudly.


He snorted and replied, smirking: "Where is she then? Doesn't look like she's learning." 


“She’s just busy,” Linda answered back huffing slightly, but not wanting to accept her defeat, so went to grab hold of the last box.


"Since I'm cleverer, I make Kale do all the work because he's younger than me," he said as he snatched the box out of Linda's hand, and put it inside the house.


"You didn't have to do that and who's Kale?" Linda asked eagerly, walking back up to the wall with the boy and taking a seat right beside him.


"Oh, he lives over there," he said pointing over to the house opposite Linda's and continued saying, "my name's Luke, what's yours?"


"Linda, and my sister's called Lucy," she replied, nicely.


"Do you want to play with me and Kale?"


"Um.." Linda said, thinking, and said after a few seconds, "yeah... I guess so."


And that was how Linda, Kale and Luke became the best of friends, inseparable, until the day came, three years later, when Luke had to move to America. Kale and Linda were still friends, but just not as close.







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