the runaway

An 18 year old girl named Jenna was abused by her family she runs away to London and she runs into the famous British/Irish boy band that she didn't even knew was famous and see how she finds and how it all goes down BTW this is my first fanfic so if it sucks its because its my first time so yea enjoy


5. the trip

Jenna's POV

i sat in next to harry And Harry sat next to Niall and me so he was in the middle liam asked me if i wanted to listen to music and i nodded he smiled and turnded on the radio a song came on i think it was called live while were young the boys started singing the sounded just like the people singing on the radio once it was over i asked them that your singing sounds just like the singing on the radio they all laughed until Liam said well as we told you before we are a band called one direction oh was all i could say 

________________________________________________________________________________________________hi its me ans WOW i stink at making long chapters so sorry they are all so short sorry well i hoped you liked this very very short chapter xxxxx Peace lol xD

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