the runaway

An 18 year old girl named Jenna was abused by her family she runs away to London and she runs into the famous British/Irish boy band that she didn't even knew was famous and see how she finds and how it all goes down BTW this is my first fanfic so if it sucks its because its my first time so yea enjoy



Jenna's POV
So Harry asked why I ran away I kinda stuttered while saying I ran away but I couldn't lie to him so when I answered him my eyes were still shut and I think Harry said something about her eyes being shut and if that's right or something I don't really know I was half asleep but then I opened my eyes I think I almost said it out loud I said HOLY FLACKING SEXY BEAST but Harry only heard the holy part what you didn't know we were one direction harry said I said how is one direction? There jaws all drop to the ground and they started singing a song I think it was called what makes you beautiful or something like that .Harry said now do you know who we are well um kinda no the just stood there motionless until I said why are you so in shock right now? The just stood there then I think Louis spook up and said let's go shopping but then I frowned and they said what is it and Niall joked and said what are you afraid of a store and starting laughing I spoke up and said no its just that I don't have any money to spend then Liam said if you want we can buy you stuff all I did was shake my head and said no I can't Then Harry said wait why did you run away? I said well um… my um father abuses me and gets drunk a lot and hits me and stuff Harry came up to me and said I'm so sorry we didn't know I said no its fine its not your fault
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