the runaway

An 18 year old girl named Jenna was abused by her family she runs away to London and she runs into the famous British/Irish boy band that she didn't even knew was famous and see how she finds and how it all goes down BTW this is my first fanfic so if it sucks its because its my first time so yea enjoy


2. The escape

Jenna's POV
Ok so I was going to run away my plan was really just a freebie so just run and hope for the best ok since my dad locked me in my room I was going to escape through my window but first I need to pack all my stuff which isn't a lot but still so I escape out my window and just run and trust me my dad won't know so I went out my window after I packed all my stuff in a small bag then I ran and turns out I live in England so going to London would be easier than I thought so I ran and eventually my legs gave out and I just passed out in the streets of London so I woke up to hello and another voice said "is she awake"? And I woke there were five boys they interdoced themselves a curly haired one said hi I'm Harry the blonde one said I'm Niall Niall Horan one with black hair said his name was Zayn and someone with a striped shirt said he was Louis and the one with short hair said he was Liam
Harry's POV
we were on our way to Nandos and we saw a girl lying there in the streets of London she was so beautiful but she was there un conscience so Louis said we should take her to one of our houses so she has a place to stay so we picked her up and put her in the car and drove her to my house were I laid down on the spare bedroom bed in my house so then me and the boys fell asleep and when we woke up we rushed in there to see if she was conscience so we started saying hi and if she's awake and she finally woke up thank god she did because I would look like an idiot if I had a crush on a girl I meet dead so yea I asked why she was just asleep in the streets of London she said I r-r-ran away I wanted kiss her and comfort her but the boys had to help to or the paps will think I'm dating her which I would love to date her but she might have second thoughts about that.
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