the runaway

An 18 year old girl named Jenna was abused by her family she runs away to London and she runs into the famous British/Irish boy band that she didn't even knew was famous and see how she finds and how it all goes down BTW this is my first fanfic so if it sucks its because its my first time so yea enjoy


4. Convincing to go

Harry's POV
I can't BELIVE she doesn't know who 1d is but that's the least of our problems the most is she won't go shopping with us (which was Louis idea I think he shops to much) hey we should at least play twenty questions Jenna shocked her head and said yes I'll start Louis said um Jenna what is your favorite store louis said of course Louis I said Jenna said I don't really know any names of stores Louis stood there shocked and I said why don't we at least go window shopping Well I don't know as long as you promise not to make me try anything on and do not i replete DO NOT buy anything for me Jenna said we sent promising anything Niall said Jenna just rolled her eyes and said ok get out so I can change and we nodded and we got out I can't wait to see what she looks like I know she will be beautiful I was day dreaming and I heard someone Yell HARRY LET'S GO it was Zayn he looked angry What are you waiting for he said with anger in his voice sorry I said he said let's go to the car and we went to the range rover I sat next to Jenna and Niall Liam drove Zayn was in the passenger seat and Louis sat in the back by himself
****************************************************************************************************************hi it's me taykay01 hope you liked this chapter sorry I make short chapters its kinda just what I do we'll I try and update when I have the time esspecially when I'm bored so yea tonight I have dance so yea I have to go stretch and practis my dance Bye so yea like favorite comment fan and read please tell all your friends about this book it my first fanfic so yea
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