the runaway

An 18 year old girl named Jenna was abused by her family she runs away to London and she runs into the famous British/Irish boy band that she didn't even knew was famous and see how she finds and how it all goes down BTW this is my first fanfic so if it sucks its because its my first time so yea enjoy


1. About me and why I ran away

Jenna's POV
Hi I'm Jenna and I'm 18 years old my dad abuses me because my mom died and he gets drunk a lot so he beats me so every time he gets drunk which is a lot so I try and stay but one day I couldn't handle it.
My dad was coming home from the club he goes to like almost every day and he came and he said Why don't you just die all of our lives would be easier and then he smacked me in the face and he grounded me for no reason I really wanted to just run away and maybe I will. I was looking up nice countrys to run away to then I saw London, England I thought that would be beautiful so I decided that's were I'm going to run away to England I don't were I will go after I run but it's better than being beaten by my own father
****************************************************************************************************************hi it's me TayKay01 sorry it's kinda short I will try and update soon probably either later today or tomorrow so bye =)
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