Old Friends New Life (Completed)

Hello, my name is Ruby. I was best friends with Liam all throughout secondary school. Yes, THE Liam Payne. When he left at the end of year 11 to audition for X-Factor again I supported him fully. We stayed in contact for a while but in the end just kind of drifted. We haven't contacted in a year and let alone seen each other in nearly 2. Fancy running into him on the night I ran away of all nights. You see my dad died of cancer but I never told Liam. My mum was depressed and when Anthony came along he was really nice. Mum was so masked by their 'love' that she didn't listen when I told her of all the abuse he gave me. Things didn't help when he got her pregnant. I decided to run away in the end. That was enough, I couldn't cope with anything anymore. I went to the river and was standing on the bridge, about to jump...


15. What's Going On?


I apologise before hand for all the time jumps and the long update time :( Sorry xxx


Ruby's P.O.V.

It was unusual for Liam to tune out like that... I decided to leave it though as I knew one thing for sure, he wouldn't tell me unless he wanted to. I was over the moon that whatever it was though, had made him tell me he loves me. My heart literally skipped a beat and it took all my strength to get up from the bed and into the bathroom. We had only 'done it' a couple of times but I really wanted it... that sounds REALLY bad but I just wanted to prove to Liam I love him and I won't ever leave him. Because I won't. I love him with all my heart.

I let the water run over my body, being quick so the hot water didn't run out for Liam. As it turned out I didn't need to worry because he joined me after a few minutes. I gasped as his hands slipped around my waist and pulled my back against chest. Soon enough we were both soaked and he kissed my neck as water droplets fell from his hair onto my bare body. A slight moan escaped my lips as I felt him smile before sucking and nibbling on the skin giving me a love bite. Claiming me as his own. I pulled away long enough for both of us to wash our hair and body before he pulled me out, lifting me so my legs wrapped around his waist, and he dropped me on the bed. His eyes raked over me hungrily and I did the same, letting my nails trail over his toned abs, tracing the shapes and smiling as I felt a shiver go through him. He pressed his lips to mine with urgency and I kissed back hard, letting our hands wonder. My hands ended up with one pressed on his back - pulling him closer as he knelt over me - and one entagled is his short hair.

"The others...?" My question trailed off as he trailed kisses down from my jaw to my stomach and back again. He looked into my eyes and replied,

"They went out to a movie. Louis helped get them away." I was slightly weirded by the fact that Louis knew exactly what we were doing yet at the same time kind of thankful. I nodded and he pulled the covers over as he came closer and came in...




"I Love You So Much." Liam murmered in my ear as he ran his fingers through my damp and tangled hair. In way of reply I snuggled closer to him under the covers and his grip tightened on my bare waist. He kissed the crown of my head and I drifted back into a peaceful sleep.




"Is it really necessary?" I complained as Lou insisted on putting me into one of the dresses she had found in the new trunk of clothes I had. My arguing had no affect on her, especially since a smile was permanantly plastered on my face at all times. Instead she just rolled her eyes and continued to dress me up like a doll. The dress she was putting me in was a black strap dress that was lacy and had clipped in at the waist before spreading out, and ending around mid-thigh. She had put make-up on the bruises that Bella had given me and vice vera. My dark brown curls were hanging over one shoulder and I had a smokey eye look with minimal make-up. She then dug around until she came up with a pair of strap heels. I was terrible walking in heels but I didn't tell her that because it would most likely result in more moaning and a lesson from her with no way to get out of it if I tried. "It's only a concert!" I claimed, exasperated at all the dress-up. But I did look kind of stunning of I do say so myself.

"Because! You'll find out later!" I was suspicious at her words but chose to stay quiet. 'You'll find out later'???




"So do you remember my girlfriend Ruby whom I introduced a few days ago?" Liam spoke into the microphone. The crowd cheered and he continued with a smile on his face, "Well what if I told you she was here tonight?" The crowd roared even louder and I saw him gesture to where I was standing on the side of the stage. I shook my head and started to back up but of course my shoes made me fall flat on my bum in the process. He smirked before running to help me up. I groaned as I rubbed my arm where the covered bruise was.

"I am NOT going out there Liam." I said, deadly serious as I held back tears. He thought they wer because of the arm so he gently rubbed it and kissed it before carefully guiding me towards the stage steps. I was beginning to go hysterical and thrashed against Liam, pulling back as the tears ran down my cheeks. Sobs racked my frame and I collapsed into his arms where he kissed my hair and held me close, a helper taking the microphone from him. He rubbed soothing circles in my back until I calmed down enough to speak. "I can't go on Liam." I repeated it over and over, getting more and more worked up as I continued repeating it through the sobs and choked on the words. His arms tightened on me and he whispered in my ear,

"Calm down, why not? Why are you so upset? You were fine before, whats brought this on?" I wanted to answer him so badly but honestly, I had no idea in the world why I was reacting so bad. It was shocking even me. As I thought of how ridiculous I must seem to him I started to hyperventilate. Soon my breathing was short and rapid and there was nothing I could do about it. I was panicking and vaguely aware of Liam pulling back and trying to talk to me before calling for help. I was seated on a chair as Liam knelt in front of me, taking my face in his hands and trying to get me to take deep breaths. I tried copying him but I just got worse and worse. Liam was handed a bottle of water and he tried to get me to drink some but I didn't want any. "Ruby? RUBY! LISTEN TO ME RUBY. BREATH. Please, that's right, deep breaths, in, out, in, out." I started to regulate my breathing slightly and he gave me a little water which helped. Eventually my breathing evened out and I just a feeling of exhaustion. Liam looked relieved and visibly relaxed as he gathered me in his arms, changing our position so, instead, I was sat on his lap. I continued to cry into his shoulder for a bit until all the boys appeared in front of us.

"Hey, you okay?" Louis murmured as he gently placed a hand on my bare upper arm. I nodded a little, peeking out of Liam's shoulder, his smile was genuine and I found myself half-smiling back.

"Aren't you-" My voice cracked as the dryness in my throat became apparent, so I took a sip of water from the bottle Zayn handed me before trying again, "Aren't you supposed to be on stage performing?" Liam looked slightly worried but Niall spoke up.

"We finished it off, we were at the end anyway we just said goodbye and that Ruby hadn't wanted to come on so Liam insisted on staying with her." Liam thanked him but I just turned my gaze to Zayn. We locked eyes and I signalled that I wanted to talk later and he nodded with a smile. "C'mon we're going back to a hotel tonight, our bags are already there so we better get going." I nodded as Niall started to walk off with Harry back to the hotel. Louis and Zayn hung behind, Louis taking my shoes and Zayn wrapping his jacket around my shoulders as Liam carried me with my head on his shoulder and my arms loosely strung around his neck.

"Okay, so the rooms are like this," Harry took charge for once as we stood in the lobby of the hotel - very posh in my opinion but they seemed unimpressed - "Niall and Zayn share room 26 on floor 7 whilst Liam and Ruby take room 24 on the same floor. Louis and me are in room 18 on floor 8 with Paul next to us in 19. The rest of the staff are dotted around but major ones are already on sheets in the rooms including Lou's whom we are meeting in the morning beforfe an interview." Everyone nodded mecahnically as my eyes drifted closed and Liam's grip tightened slightly so I didn't fall.




*Sorry for yet another time jump but it's like 4am now...*




"Shhhh, it' okay, I'm here, Shhhhh" Liam soothed rubbing small circles into my back as I puked into the en suite bathroom. It was early in the morning and I was honestly exhausted as I had been tossing and turning and waking up all night so far, unable to sleep even though I was so worn out from the panic attack earlier. Now, to top it off, I was being sick and Liam had to hold back my hair. Embarrassing or what. I know what you're all thinking, she's being sick and all she can think about it is how she looks to Liam....? Well, yeah. Maybe my body just didn't agree with Ireland or something (Sorry to Niall) but I just really wasn't doing too great. "Shhhhh, you're okay." I burst into tears on the bathroom floor and Liam gathered me in his arms as he leant against the massive bath tub. I don't know how long we were sat there just like that but we were taken out of our silence when there came knocking on our door.

"Guys! We gotta be with Lou in like 10 minutes!" Zayn's voice resonated with authority but neither me nor Liam said a word, his arms just circled more securely around me. We heard the click of the key card being accepted by the door and Zayn's footsteps just as another wave of sickness struck me and I was back to heaving all of yesterdays meals mixed with stomach acid. My throat burned and Liam rubbed more circles in my back whilst someone else - most likely Zayn - held back my hair. When I was done Liam handed me a glass of water so I could rinse my mouth and Zayn plaited my hair quickly so that I didn't have to worry in the future if it happened again. "We can't leave you here..." Zayn drifted off as his dark brown eyes met my green, tired ones in the mirror. I was in my lazy pajama bottoms that were blue, with a white strap top, dark bags under my eyes and skin pale - almost translucent. I not only felt weak but looked it as well.

"We're gonna have to bring you with us, can you come to Lou's room with us whilst we get ready and we'll sort it from there?" Liam kissed the back of my neck gently and I nodded but soon stopped at the throbbing pain in my temples. "Come on." Liam picked me up slowly and gently into his arms as he carried me to Lou's room with Zayn following close behind. Luckily it was just down the coridoor so we were soon there. The boys were all in some form of night wear so it was okay.

"Oh my gosh! Are you okay love? Awww c'mon, lay down here, move your butts boys!" Harry and Louis quickly shifted off the couch and Liam carefully laid me down. "What's wrong with her?" Lou asked and Liam explained about how I had had a panic attack yesterday, hardly any sleep and being sick early this morning with headache etc. Lou looked sympathetic and gave me a half smile before working on getting the boys hair and make-up done. I dozed off and only woke when somebody sat down and laid my head in their lap. My eyes fluttered open to see Liam and he kissed my forhead before running his fingers up and down my arm as my hair was still in Zayn's plait. He was now styled properly with the middle quiff type thing and in a leather hoodie with a white shirt underneath, black skinny jeans and red converse. I tried to lift my head but the pain in my temples just wouldn't let me so instead I slowly turned it to see all the other boys.

Zayn was styled - as were the rest of the boys - and dressed in black skinny jeans, black shoes, white T-shirt and black jacket. Harry was dressed up in typical boots with black super skinny jeans, black button up shirt similar in style to Liam's, and a grey blazer. Niall in red T-shirt, black jeans and white supras with an american football style black jacket if he wanted to go on top if it was cold. Finally was Louis with black skinny cut-offs, black button up shirt slightly different to Harry's, and red TOMS. They all looked pretty hot if I do say so myself, but I just couldn't tear my gaze from Liam. I wanted to kiss him right there but there were two problems. 1. I couldn't reach far enough without the pain being unbearable. 2. I didn't want him to catch whatever I had.

"C'mon time to move Liam. Interview time!" Louis looked overly active at 9am compared to Harry who was glaring at the back of his head looking dead on his feet. No where near as bad as me but still...

"Okay! Coming." He called back as they exited the room before turning his attention to me. "We have to take you as no one can stay, so do you want me to carry you again?" I nodded and he very carefully laid me back down, me biting on my lip to keep from crying out and the wave of naustea. I couldn't stop it though when he picked me up and I winced and let out a slight yelp. Liam frowned and looked sorry but started to walk.

"Liam! Liam stop! Please." I wimpered and Liam stopped in his tracks as we were following the boys down the hallway and I felt like my whole body was on fire along with feeling like I was going to be ill at any given moment. "Please..." I cried at the pain and the tears slipped down my cheeks. Liam placed me shakily on my feet and I leant against the wall as he wiped the tears away. "Make it stop..." More tears came and Liam gathered me in his arms before I could see the tears he was shedding too.

"I wish I could. Oh I really wish I could." I felt one of his tears fell onto my bare forhead and I wrapped my arms around his torso. "The only other option I have is to take you to the hospital..." He trailed off and I froze in his grip as we both remembered how much I hated hospitals. But I was the only one who could remember why.



"Lucy! Come ON!" Me and my sister Lucy were skipping across the road to get to the field. She was 2 and I was 5. There was a field just behind out house but in order to get to it we had to cross the road. It was almosy always deserted so our parents let us go after we pestered them for a full hour straight. Lucy was too small to go very quickly and I was getting impatient to I ran across all the way and waited.

"RUBY!!!" The ear piercing scream came and before I could react I saw my little sister get hit by a car. Her body was crumpled and the driver just drove off.

"LUCY!!!!!!" I yelled so loud my parents came running. I reached her small frame and there was blood everywhere. She was taken to hospital and I had to re-tell my story to the police but all I wanted was my little sister. When they finally let me see her she was hooked up to all kinds of machines. She went into cardiac arrest and I was so small I was pressed against the wall and watched in horror as my little sister of only 2 died before my very eyes.

*End Of Flashback*


I could still hear her cry, permanantly burned into my brain. I was only 5 but the memory was still fresh. Since then I had refused to step one foor into a single hospital. My vision started to get blurry and spots appeared and the last thing I remembered was Liam catching me in his arms before everything went black.






Hallo! Another SORRYYYY!!!!!! I have exams and stuff :( anyway hope you liked it. A lot more drama but whatcha think is wrong? Sorry with all the time jumps they just kinda fit... Thanks for bearing with me though :) Longer as a repayment kinda so anyway I am rambling, please like and fav etc. You know the drill but it really does mean a lot and the comments means a lot as well :)

Beth :) xxx

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