Old Friends New Life (Completed)

Hello, my name is Ruby. I was best friends with Liam all throughout secondary school. Yes, THE Liam Payne. When he left at the end of year 11 to audition for X-Factor again I supported him fully. We stayed in contact for a while but in the end just kind of drifted. We haven't contacted in a year and let alone seen each other in nearly 2. Fancy running into him on the night I ran away of all nights. You see my dad died of cancer but I never told Liam. My mum was depressed and when Anthony came along he was really nice. Mum was so masked by their 'love' that she didn't listen when I told her of all the abuse he gave me. Things didn't help when he got her pregnant. I decided to run away in the end. That was enough, I couldn't cope with anything anymore. I went to the river and was standing on the bridge, about to jump...


4. The Secret Room

Liam's P.O.V.

I woke up a little while ago. It is currently 11am according to the alarm clock on my bed side table. Ruby was laying in my arms with her head on my bare chest. I'm not afraid to think it, I Love Her. I actually love her. The way her chest slowly goes up and down as she sleeps with her mouth partly open showing her soft pink lips. The feeling of those lips on mine was amazing. She was just...amazing. I finally did yesterday what I had been planning to do for years. Well, partly. Today I was going to take her out for a meal and ask her to be my girlfriend. Some people may say it is moving too fast as I actually only got back two days ago, but I never want to lose her.

"Liam?" I looked down at her perfect face to see her green eyes open and looking up at me. I wonder how long she has been staring at me...

"Yes love?" I asked her. Her dark brown curls were messily arranged, splayed all over my chest.

"I need to tel you something." She said. My heart stopped and my whole body froze. From experience I know that whenever a girl says that it can never be a good thing. It's like you read in books and watch in films where they are about to break up with you or land a bomb shell like she is pregnant or dying or something. I gulped and stared into her beautiful eyes. Her bruises were already starting to fade a bit and I was willing to bet that would be gone completely within a couple of weeks tops. She was so pretty. Her eye lashes were long and brushed along her upper cheek when she blinked. Her nose was small and cute. She was so skinny, perhaps a little too skinny but still lovely. I realised I had been staring for too long and quickly answered.

"What is it?" My voice shook and she smiled slightly at my nervousness, becoming a little herself. "You can tell me anything, you know that right?" I cupped her soft cheek in my palm and turned her gaze to meet mine once again. She blushed a little and began talking.

"Well Liam, I have liked you since, well, since I first met you and when you left it almost killed me but you being back, has been the most amazing thing to happen. When you kissed me yesterday I felt like exploding of happiness and I know it might be a little early but Liam...." She trailed off and swallowed before looking back up at me. "I...I.. I think... I Love You." She stuttered. My breath hitched and I felt a huge grin start to form on my face as I leaned down and pressed lips to hers. It was gentle at first but got more passionate. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I did the same around her waist. I then flipped us over so I was hovering over her, our lips never seperating. Her fingers played and gripped in my barely-there hair and I ran one of mine through hers. I could feel myself start to get turned on and she smirked at me during the kiss. We made-out like that for at least 15 minutes and were both naked by the end of it. We didn't actually 'do it' because we both knew it was way too early for that but instead just kissed some more. As we eventually pulled away she looked in my eyes and I did the same with hers.

"I Love You Too." I whispered back, giving her a final ligering kiss on the lips. It was her turn to grin and we were about to climb out of bed when the door barged open. Ruby screamed and wrapped the sheets around her bare body and I laughed at her, turning a little red myslef as I quickly slipped my boxers on.

"What did you do? Liam you better not have had sex with her! I will kill you if you have!!" Harry yelled at me at the top of his lungs. I shrunk back from him as he looked fruious and I had no idea why. Ruby looked terriffied of Harry and was sat on the corner or the bed whimpering slightly to herself as a few tears ran down her cheeks. I crossed the room in two strides and wrapped her in my arms. She buried her head in the crook of my neck and Harry looked really guilty. He came over and touched her arm but she flinched and pull back, getting even closer to me in my lap. "I am SO sorry Ruby, I didn't mean to yell, I was just worried about you. I mean, you told me everything and I didn't want you to get hurt or anything. You're like a sister to me now." He explained. I hadn't realised she had talked to him yesterday...

Ruby peered out from my chest with her eyes red and puffy and looked at Harry with matching green eyes. My arms were still wrapped firmly around her slight body and she slowly unhooked them so she could hug Harry. He picked her up like a baby and they hugged for who knows how long. I wasn't going to lie, I was a bit jealous but I knew Harry only liked her as a sister... Well that's what he said. They both sat on the end of the bed and I took that as my cue to go and take a shower. So, I went to my closet, picked out my clothes for the day, and went out the door to the bathroom as towels were already in there. It warmed my heart seeing half my wardrobe taken up by Ruby's clothes. That sounds a little weird but it was true... Danielle never actually moved in with me properly. There were only a few of her things at my place and vica versa. Thinking back on it now, I don't think I really LOVED Dani, at least not like I do Ruby. (A/N I have nothing against Dani I just needed it for the story). I feel bad saying it but I didn't really feel heart broken when we broke up... I was actually kind of happy... Gosh that sounds terrible...

I got into the shower, feeling the hot water beating down on my back, washing away all the grime and stress. I was so glad Ruby was back again. I had always really liked her more than a friend. I remember when we first met, when they were picking on her...


"Hahahah you whore!!" I heard the class bully, Elliot say as I walked into the classroom. I looked over to see them picking on a beautiful girl with long dark brown curls reaching around mid way down her back with a head band pushing it back from her face. Her eyes were a stunning green and her lips small and plump. I couldn't understand why they would pick on her.

"You're nothing! Worthless piece of rubbish!" Elliot's friend called out. They all laughed and I saw the girls eyes glimmer with unshed tears forming. She was sat at her desk near the back, next to mine, behind the bullies, and was in the standard school uniform with a black skirt and tights with black pumps on her feet.  I started to walk towards where they all were and stopped just behind her as the Elliot turned around again. He saw me and looked a little scared but carried on with whatever he was about to say. You see, I was seen as one of those boys that you just didn't mess with. I wasn't mean or a bully and I wasn't a geek. I was quite strong if I do say so myself and could easily beat Elliot up if I wanted to. I was more 'normal' not a 'chav' or 'nerd' etc.

"I don't even know why you are here! I mean, why don't you just kill yourself? You were your parents mistake anyway!" That one was harsh. Very harsh and I wasn't going to let them get away with it. Tears flowed freely down the beautiful girls cheeks and I stepped forward so I was standing over Elliot who was swinging in his chair. He looked up at me and his expression showed fear and mine was written with anger and hatred.

"What the hell are you talking about? Don't you dare say that to her! She is worth more than you ever will be! You are an idiot and I suggest you leave her alone or you will be getting this again!"

"Getting what?" He smirked to try and look tough and his friends laughed but I still saw the fear in his eyes.

"This." I stated and punched him straight in the nose. Blood started to flow and he clutched his face for dear life. All his friends stopped laughing and shrunk away from me, looking back to the front even though the teacher wasn't even here yet. I heard the girl gasp and the giggle a little from behind me. Her laugh was amazing. Angelic. I turned away from a cursing Elliot and looked at her. She smiled at me a little and I grinned at her like an idiot. Way to make a fol of yourself Liam. Way to go. Elliot got up from his seat and got his back before walking out the room with a couple of the boys behind him, never leaving one hand from his stil bleeding nose. He glared at me from the doorway as he went through it but didn't say anything.

"Thank you. My name's Ruby by the way." The lovely girl said. I realised I had been staring and blushed a little as I shook her outstretched hand, pulling her into a hug.

"No problem love. My name's Liam." We both smiled at each other and I took my seat next to hers at my desk and scooted it a bt closer to her. She giggled and tore a piece of paper out of her book, writing on it before passing to me under the desk so the teacher who had now appeared, wouldn't see it. We continued to exchange notes in that class and huing out the rest of the day getting to know each other. And from then on became best of friends. But my feelings never diappeared.

*End of flashback*

I smiled at the memory and washed the little shampoo out of my hair. She was mine now. All mine. And I was going to make it official. I was going to ask her out. I was going to do that meal thing like I first thought of this morning.  I wasn't sure I could wait that long though... I needed to talk to Louis. And Zayn. They had girlfriends, they would know what to do to make it all romantic and lovely. I started to devise a plan. Now all I needed was they boys help...


Ruby's P.O.V.

I got dressed after Harry had left, in some fresh under wear and bra, some green jeans and blue longsleeved shirt. I left my feet bare and padded down the stairs in search of Liam. I really wanted him to ask me out today... If he didn't I think I was going to go against it and ask him. I needed him to be mine. He has only been back a couple days but I actually loved him. I had doen since I first met him and he saved me from Elliot and his 'friends'. As cheesy as it sounds, he came up like my knight in shining armour.

"Hey Rubyyyyyyyy" Louis called out as I plopped myself on the couch next to him. He seemed to be watching something on the TV. But adverts were showing at the moment.

"Hey Louiiiiiiiiiiiiiis. Whatcha watching?" I giggled at my own unintended word play and he raised his eyebrow at me and glanced at me from the corner of his eyes. I blushed slightly and looked down in shame unti, he chuckled.

"How I Met Your Mother." He said.

"Ooooooh!!!! I LOVE that show!!!" I was practically jumping up and down in my seat and Louis was laughing his head off at my excitement. As soon as the show started again I was leaning forward with my elbows propped on my knees and my chin resting in my plams. Louis was leant back on his coushion and Niall walked in sitting on one of the others.

"What you guys watching?"

"Shhhh!!" I practically yelled at him, never peeling my eyes from the TV. Louis started to laugh again and Niall just stuck his tongue out which I could see in my perephrial vision. Harry sat down next to Niall and started texting or someting on his phone. That was a point, I didn't actually have a phone anymore... I should probably get a new one some time soon.

"ZAYN!! GIVE BACK MY SHIRT!!!!!" I heard Liam yell just before someone came rushing into the room and hid behind Harry. Zayn. "Where are you?!" Liam came in soon after and looked around at everyone susipiciously as we were trying our best not to crack up with laughter. I, however, was staring at his beautifully toned abbs right in front of me. Something apart from the TV had finally caught my full attention. He glanced at me and smirked as my gaze fell to the floor in front of me. Other than no shirt, he was wearing black jeans just showing his white boxers underneath. Zayn giggled from behind Harry and Liam instantly snapped to where the sound came from. "Ah-ha!" He strolled towards him an before Zayn could run off, grabbed his shirt collar and tore the shirt from his grip. He then dropped Zayn back onto the couch and slipped the white T-shirt on before coming over to me and pulling me onto his lap as he sat down.

"What are we doing today?" I asked him quietly and he tightened his grip around my waist. I winced and he released a little, his breath tickling my ear as he spoke gently,

"Sorry love, and I am taking you out tonight and I am busy today with the rest of the boys so I am so sorry but I am going to have to leave you today." He looked hesitant as he said the last part and honestly my heart dropped and I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed.

Soon afterwards all the boys left, leaving me to explore the big empty house. I first went through to the kitchen, looking for something to make for breakfast although it was more like lunch now... As I waited for the cornish pasty to heat up in the oven I wondered around the ground floor a little more. I found a big dining room with a massive wooden table that easily fitted like 20, that looked practically unused. It probably was. The oven bleeped letting me know the Cornish Pasty was ready. I ate it and went back upstairs. There were five doors with names of the boys on them and another room in the corner which had a normal wooden door with one of those really old fashioned handles made of metal, painted black.

I walked towards it and slowly lifted the handle before stepping inside. It was a big room with light green painted walls and wooden flooring. One wall you could barely see the green because it was covered in photos. Photos of me. Most of them had Liam in as well but there were some with just me. Then there were some pieces of paper littered on a desk against a green wall at the back. My fingers skimmed over them and they were all in Liam's handwriting. One particular one caught my eye. It was a sealed letter... adressed to me. It was stamped and everything just not sent, propped up against the wall. I decided I would leave it be and just turned to look at the massive wall covered with pictures, bringing back all kinds of memories from when he was here with me. One caught my eye in particular, it was a picture of me and Liam underneath the massive willow tree in the park. The sun was shining brightly through the leaves down in us and I he had taken the picture with one hand whilst the other was around my shoulders. He was kissing my cheek and I was giggling like crazy, blushing at the camera. It was the summer before he left.



"Liam I look terrible!" I screeched as the flash went off. His lips came away from my cheek and he just gave me a cheeky, cheesy grin. I stuck my tongue out playfully at him and he just laughed. I tried to stay mad but failed miserably and ended up falling on top of him in the soft grass. I was wearing my favourite lace white top with straps and my denim high-waisted shorts as it was so hot. Liam was in a button up short sleeved blue plaid shirt with white shorts. The top button of his shirt was un-done so his toned chest was showing a little. When we finally calmed down we both layed back, looking up at the sunlit leaves on the willow tree with my head resting on his chest. He had one arm folded beneath his head and the other draped lightly over my torso.

"I'm going to miss you you know." He said quietly after a while. He was leaving in a couple of weeks for his X-Factor audition and without a doubt he will get all the way this time and win, leaving me behind.

"I am going to miss you too." I said. He kissed my forhead lightly and we fell back into our old ways, looking up and talking about anything and everything. I was going to miss this. I hope fame doesn't change him.

*End Of Flashback*


Tears pricked my eyes and I spotted another photo of me that I didn't know had been taken. It was prom night and I was in my light blue dress with sparkly gems on the tope half and poofed a little until it reached the floor, meeting my sliver heels.  I wore a light white cardigan over the top to cover up my brusies and my hair was curled to perfection, the sides tied and clipped at the back. My make-up was flawless and I looked beautiful if I do say so myself.



"I wish Liam was here." I whispered. My friend at the time, Christie, over heard and gave me a little squeeze of the shoulders and a sympathetic smile in the mirror.

"I know babes, but he will be back before you know it." I wanted to believe her so badly but I knew that wansn't true. He had come back a couple weeks ago on that X-Factor thing where they visit family and friends for the day, but he didn't come and see me. I wasn't even invited to his party. My heart broke and since then I have ignored him completely. Not that that was hard with him never contacting me anyway. I detached myself a little from everyone since Anthony had moved in with me and mum and they had got engaged. I still missed my dad who had died just 4 MONTHS ago. Lily had a camera and was taking pictures. She said she would send a couple to Liam but I doubted she would and even if she did he either wouldn't get them or would just delete them not caring. Sighing I turned back to the mirror, doing the finishing touches before walking out the door to prom. Without Liam.

*End Of Flashback*


On the picture there was a little heart in red pen around me and a sad face with a tiny little bit of writing in the corner. I leaned in closer to read Liam's writing.

Ruby, looking as beautiful as ever. If only I could tell her how much she meant to me, I miss her so much. She could be with me on her arm in this wonderful dress...

I smiled a little and a couple tears overflowed but I quickly wiped them away, turning away to look around the rest of the room. There was a pull out bed next to one wall with a pillow and duvet on it, obviously recently used. I wondered if the rest of the boys knew about this room or if they just left it be. I looked over the rest of the pictures and stayed in that room until I heard the front door open and close with 5, incresingly familiar, voices.

"You weren't supposed to find this room." I jumped as a deep voice tickled my ear and two strong arms wrapped around my waist. "You like it though? I did it myself." He stated. I nodded unable to speak and turned in his arms to look into the beautiful chocolate brown eyes that I was so acusstomed to by now. I smiled and he grinned, leaning in closer. When his lips gently touched mine I snaked my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. We both smiled into the kiss and there was just one word running through my brain. Liam.




Sorry it took so long! Hope you like it and will try to update again soon - Beth :) xxx

P.s. just say if you want to be in the story somehow as one of the other boys girlfriends all available if wanted :) xxx

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