Old Friends New Life (Completed)

Hello, my name is Ruby. I was best friends with Liam all throughout secondary school. Yes, THE Liam Payne. When he left at the end of year 11 to audition for X-Factor again I supported him fully. We stayed in contact for a while but in the end just kind of drifted. We haven't contacted in a year and let alone seen each other in nearly 2. Fancy running into him on the night I ran away of all nights. You see my dad died of cancer but I never told Liam. My mum was depressed and when Anthony came along he was really nice. Mum was so masked by their 'love' that she didn't listen when I told her of all the abuse he gave me. Things didn't help when he got her pregnant. I decided to run away in the end. That was enough, I couldn't cope with anything anymore. I went to the river and was standing on the bridge, about to jump...


27. Sick And Surprises

Liam's P.O.V.

In the end, me and Ruby made our way to the kitchen to have a cup of coffee whilst Zayn and Beth talked and Shelby went upstairs to help with Louis. I placed Danny in his chair and put some toy in front of him that he immediately began to play with. His toys were everywhere, all over the living room, our bedroom, his bedroom even the boys bedrooms! Once I had made our cups of coffee I took a seat opposite Ruby and Danny at the kitchen island.

"So..." Ruby trailed off. I knew exactly what she was going to say and I wasn't going to be the one to talk first so I just raised my eyebrows at her. "I was thinking about my little sister." I nodded and took her hand in mine across the island, smiling slightly as her engagement ring brushed my fingers. "I don't want to just leave her but I don't think we can take her in." She said. I knew she wasn't finished so I gave her hand a gentle squeeze before she carried on. "So I thought maybe adoption? I mean, we can pick the perfect family and still see her!" She quickly added on to justify her decision. She would be terrible at a job which involved making decisions.

"I agree love, I'll help you pick the right family as well. And you are giving them something they really want that we don't. No offence." She chuckled a little at my response and smiled at me. I leant over and pecked her lips before sitting back down and making funny faces at Danny in the chair. A few minutes passed in comfortable silence before I started a conversation again. "So what's planned for the wedding?" I asked. Her eyes lit up and she turned animated as she rambled on about our wedding. I smiled and listened intently to every word.

"Well, I think we should have the wedding sooner rather than later because, well, I'm impatient." She went on and I chuckled. I agreed though. I didn't want to wait too long. "So I was thinking maybe a winter wedding? That would be pretty cool. And we could hold it at the local church I went to as a kid with my mum and dad." Her eyes turned slightly sad but still bright. I took her hand again and she smiled at me before beginning her one sided conversation again. "And then we could hold the reception somewhere quite big. Like the hotel grande in London! That's massive and we would have somewhere to stay for a couple nights as well." She paused only for breath, "The main wedding would only be like family and close friends so the boys, your family and our other friends like Andy and Shelby etc. and then the reception could be massive and we could invite everyone. Maybe Ed Sheeran? He's cool! And Paul and his family obviously..." She carried on and I just looked at her with pure love. I can't wait for her to be mine.

"Well I think it sounds amazing babe," I cut her off during one of her breath breaks, chuckling, "We should look into booking the places then, save the date cards and stuff and then do the details like photographers and florists and stuff." She nodded and grinned, obviously excited that I was getting as into this as she was. I could never sort out all the other stuff that girls do though, like bridesmaids dresses and which flowers and colour schemes and stuff. I admit that part bores me a little... Hey, I'm a guy.

"We need to figure out numbers as well..." She says to herself, "'Cause we need to know that before booking places... so we need to do save the date cards first..." She got quieter and quieter as she went deep into thought about designs of save the date cards and who to send them to. I chuckled a little and left her to it as I turned to Danny who had chucked his toy on the floor. He had taken to doing that recently and knew we would pick it up for him so did it even more. He was very clever for a not even 1 year old. I like to think he got it off me, but Ruby claims it is all her.

"Hey little man, mummy is a bit distracted today isn't she?" I cooed to him as I stood up and went round to pull him out of his seat as he was wriggling around, as soon as he was in my arms he calmed down. "Shall we leave her and see what everyone else is doing?" I ask him as if I am expecting to get any kind of answer. I guess that's what happens when you become a dad. Ruby looked at us and smiled, kissing me on the cheek before she went over to her wedding planner which I took as my cue to leave. Danny reached up and played with my hair as I walked and every time I pulled his little hand away he just went straight back so it was a continuous battle which I was destined to lose. "Look it's Uncle Zayn and his new friend Beth." I whispered to him as we stood discreetly behind the door with their backs facing us. Before Danny could do anything I moved towards the stairs and went up to see the others.

"Liam! Can you help please?" Harry called from his room and I sighed before heading in with Danny on one hip (I sound like a girl...) to see what he wanted. When I walked in I saw Harry knelt over the bed and throwing up in a bin by his bed. Well he must have had a lot to drink. When he was done he leant back into the pillows. "I don't think it's the drink Li, it feels different and I didn't drink much last night." He moans and I tell him I'll be right back before heading to Louis' room and handing Danny to him before going back.

"Okay, how does it feel different?" I asked as I pulled his computer chair to his bedside and sat on it backwards, one leg either side. I guess this is why they called me daddy direction even before I was a daddy. The boys always turned to me if they needed anything and sometimes that was nice and I was willing to help, but at other times it became a little irritating.

"Well for one I can remember all of last night," He started and I nodded, a little surprised because he never normally can, "And usually the nausea goes away after an hour or so but I have had it for ages and my headache is all over instead of just at the front and it isn't pounding like an alcohol one." He explains. I take in what he says and am a little doubtful but signal for him to carry on. "Liam, you have to believe me. I think I know what a hangover is like by now." I nod and realise he probably has the flu. Great. Just what we need right now. (Note the sarcasm)

"Haz, you probably have the flu," I told him and he looked genuinly scared, "Basically you just need a ton of rest, chicken soup and medicine from the cabinet downstairs. Which I will get!" I hastened to add as he made a move to get out of bed. He gave me a confused look. "Well for one, you are sick and you shouldn't risk anyone else getting it - especially Daniel - and two you are so weak you'll just fall down the stairs messing up your pretty little face." He looked terrified at the last part and I just laughed.

"Hey babe, whatcha doing?" Ruby asked as I walked into the kitchen. She was on the laptop looking at what appeared to be wedding venues. "Medicine? Who's sick?" She proceeded to ask as I dug through the med cabinet and found the pills I was looking for.

"Harry." I said and pecked her lips on my way out and back upstairs, grabbing another couple of blankets from the closet before heading into Harry's room. "Hey mate, here take these." I handed him two pills from the box with a glass of water from his bedside table, and draped the blankets over his body as he shivered. I sat with him for around another 10 minutes until he was out cold. I had just closed his door when I heard a shout from Louis' room.

"Liam!" I sighed and walked over to see Danny crying, Shelby trying to calm them both down as Louis held him and rocked him around the room... panicking. "He won't stop. The thing won't stop and I don't know what to do!" He seemed on the verge of having a breakdown and Shelby gave up and sat on his bed watching as he bounced Daniel gently in his arms like a cradle.

"Have you checked his nappy?" I asked and Louis nodded. "Is he hungry?" Louis shook his head as Shelby held up a bottle of milk barely drunk and a tub of baby food not touched. "Did he hurt himself?" At this point I rushed over to my son looking over him for any signs of being bumped or scratched or hurt. Louis once again shook his head and I took Danny from his arms. He was boiling. I frowned deeper and laid him down in Louis' bed, undoing his clothes until he was left in his under jumpsuit. I undid the poppers and picked him up again, taking him to the bathroom.

"Is he okay? What's wrong? Is it something I did?" Louis began firing questions, his hangover soon forgotten about, and followed me as I ran the water and tested it with my elbow. I just shooed Louis away and listened as Ruby came bounding up the stairs closely followed by Shelby and Beth. Fortunately she closed the door on them and took Danny, assessing him and then undoing his diaper to prep him to go in the water. We both knelt down and started to wash him in hopes of bringing down his temperature a little.

"He's okay babe." I said as we looked down at his sleeping frame in his cot, in his lightest jumpsuit and blanket. I wrapped my arm around Ruby's waist as she leant heavily into me. We were so worried for Danny but I think deep down we both knew he was going to be absolutely fine. It was still terrifying to have your own child sick and not being able to do anything about it. I felt helpless. And I hated it.

"Dude, I need to talk to you. Like now..." Louis came into Danny's room and came to see me, looking as pale as a ghost and like HE was going to throw up much the same as Harry and Danny. Shelby entered quietly behind with silent tears streaming her face as she went over to Ruby who took her out to comfort and talk. What was going on?


Ruby's P.O.V.


"Okay, what's happening?" I asked Shelby after she had sobbed onto my shoudler for a solid 20 minutes before calming down enough to talk. We were now sat on mine and Liam's bed, leaning against the back board and cuddled under the covers in our snuggly pajamas and watching a film of some kind even though it was only 4:30pm. Beth had gone home a little while ago and Zayn had offered to drive since Shelby had brought her and she was staying and I was busy looking after a sick baby with my fiance.

"Oh Ruby I don't know what to do." Shelby looked at me with tears in her eyes which she was trying desperately to hold back. "I-I-I..." She stuttered as a single tear rolled down her cheek which she quickly wiped away with a deep breath. "Louis is freaking out and I don't want him to leave me Ruby, you're the only one I could turn to, the only one who would understand!" She cried. I just watched calmly as the pieces fell into place. No. She couldn't be...

Louis freaking out - he never does

Doesn't want him to leave her - he wouldn't consider it unless he was really scared

I'm the only one she could turn to - none of the other girls would know

I'm the only on who would understand - I've been through it?

"Please don't tell me you are..." I trailed off as she nodded and finished the sentence for me. No wonder she was so scared and Louis was freaking out. Especially after what happened with Danny this afternoon...

"I'm pregnant." Shelby's voice was barely above a whisper and I watched to see what kinds of emotions played on her face. It was almost like she was scared to be happy until someone else was. Especially Louis. I needed to be the person that was pleased for her. That's what I needed most in the beginning. I understand.

"Congratualtions!!" I squealed excitedly and hugged her tight. She was hestitant but began to hug me back. "Daniel can have someone else to play with! Maybe if it's a girl they can get together! That would be so cute!" I squealed again and she joined me as we jumped up and down on the bed. "This is amazing!!" She was smiling so much now and we started thinking of all the things Danny and their son/daughter could do together. They would cause so much mischeif if they were anything mroe like their dads. Danny was already bad as it was and he was turning more and more into his cheeky father every day. We spent the rest of the night in mine and Liam's bed, thining of baby names and watching films, pigging out on chinese takeaway that Liam brought in because I was too lazy to get up and go to the door to get it. Eventually it got to around midnight and we fell asleep together with the TV still on and half eaten chinese boxes around us.


Liam's P.O.V.

I watched as Ruby took Shelby into a different room before turning to the Louis in front of me that looked like he was going to collapse. I gave him a hug and he buried his face into my shoudler like a kid as I felt a warm liquid go down my neck. He was crying. Louis doesn't cry over nothing so this must be pretty massive. I didn't want to wake Daniel as he had just gone off to sleep and was sick, so I took him out the room, shutting the door behind me. I could hear Ruby comforting Shelby in our room and Niall was downstairs with Zayn after the latter took a certain Beth home. So I took Louis back to him room and sat him on his bed as I pulled his desk chair up and sat on it backwards like I had with Harry earlier. Only at that point did I see the pregnancy test on his covers...

"Louis... why is there a... positive... pregnancy test on your bed..." At this point Louis collaped onto his bed and sobbed so loud I thought the whole house would hear him. "Mate..." I started soflt and quietly as Louis calmed a little and lifted his puffy red eyes to meet mine, "Did you you get Shelby pregnant?" More tears flowed down his cheeks and he nodded as I pulle him back into my arms. I thought I would be the only one to mess up. Don't take me wrong, I wouldn't change anything. I love Danny with all my heart and can't imagine a life without him but I've still had him quite young. Louis is older I supposed but only by a couple of years. Lou is 23 (A/N in this he is.) and Shelby is 20 like Ruby but that is still pretty young...

"I don't know what happened! We had been pretty safe, using a condom and stuff and then it was one night. ONE NIGHT!" Louis sobbed into my shirt making it damp which I wouldn't normally mind but it was cold and the dampness was making me colder. "We were so stupid Liam! And now this has happened and and and and I don't know what to do!" He was obviously on the verge of a panic attack as his breathes turned to gasps and he started to hypetrventilate. Ruby had had a couple of these when she was pregnant and I knew they weren't good even of you weren't pregnant. How Ironic...

"Okay, listen to me Louis. You need to calm down mate. Everything is going to be okay yeah? Take deep breaths." He started to calm a little as his breathing regulated slightly. "Look hos happy me and Ruby are with Daniel Jacob yeah? I wouldn't change it for the world." I was honest and he must have seem that in my face somehow as his breathing went back to normal and the tears stopped. "I love them both so much. If anything it should be easier for you because for one you are older and you also have amazing friends who have been through the exact same thing and know what they doing. Me and Ruby will show you what to do. You are going to be an amazing dad. Yeah it's hard but it's pretty awesome as well." I told him and I smiled absentmidedly as I thought of my son. MY son. My amazing son. "We can even give you Danny to look after every now and again to prepare you a bit which is more than we ever had. You have so much support."

"I don't know what I would do without you Liam. Thanks. Can you tell me what it's like to be a dad?" He asked timidly and I smiled nodding, laying back on the bed with my hands behind my head and him copying me after a minute.

"What do you want to know mate?" I asked and he shrugged.

"Everyhing." Was his response so I did. I told him everything. The good and the bad. How amazing it was to have someone to care for and who needs you. How exhausting it is to be up every hour of the night. How you start to automatically make the milk at 2am without even being aware of what you are doing. How their first smile makes your heart melt and you just work harder to receive them more as they are the most beautiful things in the world. How their little laughs just light up your whole world. Even at 2am. How even though it can be so hard and you can feel like quitting, it's all worth it in the end.

We were there for the rest of the night. Talking. At one point Ruby made me go and get her chinese food because she was too lazy to get it. When I went in I just laughed it off when secretly I was cringing at the mess of our room. Her and Shelby were lying on the bed watching movies and looking at... baby names? Well done to Ruby. She could always cheer people up and make the situation look good. I was so lucky to have her.

Eventually it got late and when I looked back in our room at just after midnight, both Shelby and Ruby had fallen asleep with the TV on and chinese boxes littering the covers. I mentally cringed but smiled at how cute it was though. First I turned off the TV and cleared away the take-away boxes before Louis carried Shelby back to his room and I got changed before climbing in bed and pulling the covers over us both. She stirred a little as I pulled her body tight against mine and held her in my arms. It was true, what I told Lou. I couldn't be happier with her.

"I love you Liam." She mumbled sleepily wrapping one arm over my torso and burying her face in my bare chest. I grinned and tightened my hold on her before replying,

"I love you Ruby."









I haven't done one of these in a while... I just wanted to let you know now that all the boys are taken :( but I am planning to bring Josh in soon (the drummer... HAWT) so if anyone wants that one leave a desciption in the comments below. Harry's future girl shall come in soon so that is coming and something will happen with Ruby soon too so all that to look forward to reading! Thanks for all the comments btw they keep me writing this so continue commenting :) You know the drill, like and favourite and thanks for reading! Hopefully update soon but tons of work to do so might be a little while but bear with!

Thanks again loves!

-Beth :) xxx

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