Old Friends New Life (Completed)

Hello, my name is Ruby. I was best friends with Liam all throughout secondary school. Yes, THE Liam Payne. When he left at the end of year 11 to audition for X-Factor again I supported him fully. We stayed in contact for a while but in the end just kind of drifted. We haven't contacted in a year and let alone seen each other in nearly 2. Fancy running into him on the night I ran away of all nights. You see my dad died of cancer but I never told Liam. My mum was depressed and when Anthony came along he was really nice. Mum was so masked by their 'love' that she didn't listen when I told her of all the abuse he gave me. Things didn't help when he got her pregnant. I decided to run away in the end. That was enough, I couldn't cope with anything anymore. I went to the river and was standing on the bridge, about to jump...


6. Questions

Ruby's P.O.V.

Liam had left me in our room to get changed. He said into something 'nice' whatever that was supposed to mean. Vague much? Anyway, I looked through my new closet we shared looking for somthing 'nice' to wear fro dinner. I didn't know whether it was a posh restaurant or not so I went somewhere in the middle with a dress. It was strapless and a lovely black. It clung to the top half and then loosened a bit. Overall ending around midway up my thigh. It was the most I had ever showed off, and my yellow bruises showed but I didn't care. With Liam it was just me and him and I never cared about how I looked too much. They were barely visible unless you were looking for them anyway. I'd say that around a week and there will be no trace... fingers crossed.

I straightened my chocolate brown curls and let my side-fringe fall just above my eye. Applying a bit of make-up like I had been shown, there was a knock on the door. I told them to come in and Liam appeared behind me in the mirror. He kissed my cheek gently and my knees felt like they were going to give way. He wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his chin on my shoudler as I was becoming accustomed to him doing.

"You look...beautiful...stunning..." Liam trailed off and I blushed a deep crimson. I slipped out of his embrace and went over to under the bed, pulling out a tray with shoes filling it. Louis had bought me some black strappy heels, insiting I would need them some time. I had hated them at the time and hadn't believed him but turns out he was right, and they looked amazing with the dress so I was happy. Liam was wearing black dress trousers and a white shirt that clung to his toned abbs, with a black waistcoat over the top. He picked the black blazer up off the back of his computer chair and slipped on his black shoes before taking my hand and leading me out the front door.

"I was going to say goodbye to Louis and show him my shoes."I told him but he just smiled down at me with no answer. Strange. It turned out we were walking to wherever we were going. He interwined our fingers and swung them gently back and forth between us. I was grinning like and idiot but I didn't care. We eventually arrived at the very park where he had comforted me on our first encounter when he got back. I shivered at the memories but smiled as he led me over to a small candle-lit table with a single red rose in the centre. Being the gentleman he is, he pulled my chair out for me before going and taking his own. Just then a boy walked across the grass towards us in a waitors outfit, and when they got close I recognised it as Harry. I immediately started laughing hysterically and he glared playfully at me before doing the same to Liam but seriously which only made me laugh harder.

"Your drinks today are non-alcoholic champagne and starters will be with you in just a moment." He said in a snobby voice placing to champagne flutes down on the table and a bottle in between. Liam opened the bottle and poured some in each glass after he walked away. I raised my eyebrows questioningly at him and he just smiled.

"So, enjoying the evening?" He asked and I smiled and nodded. A little part of me really hoped he would ask me out properly tonight but I didn't want to get my hopes up too high. "Tell me about how life has been since I have been gone." His eyes were serious and filled with worry so I decided to just give him the nice parts as he knew some of the bad parts already. Note the, SOME. I sipped at my glass, noting the label hanging off the bottle to reveal sparkling grape juice - explaining why he had it when neither of us drink - and looked at him straight in the melting eyes. It seemed as if they saw right into my soul. A part of me was screaming to runaway whereas the other part was loving the thrill of it.

"Well Mr.Payne," I said formally to suit the occassion, "I get my results back to my A-Levels this summer and before you came along I was planning to go to University in Swansea - Wales - to get a degree in medicine and then I was planning to become a paediatric nurse." I told all about my dream that I had had since I was younger. When he knew me before this was everything I ever wanted but he never stayed long enough to see me start to acheive it. To see me knuckle down and get my A's and A*'s (A+) in GCSE's and get into one of the best colleges. I started to feel a slight resentment towards him but pushed it down as I thought about all he had down the past few days. He took my hand in his, interwining our fingers and I blushed furiously.

"Sound's amazing Rub's. I knew you would do amazing. What are you planning now then?" He replied with a small chuckle, but before I could reply to him Zayn came out in a similar outfit to what Harry was wearing just a few moments before. I let out a small giggle and he flashed me a cheesy smile before placing infront of us each a plate with melon wrapped in parma ham and a cherry on a stick. "Thanks mate." Liam said before Zayn nodded and turned to me,

"You can probably tell what starter is... Anyway just call for more drink and dinner will be out soon." I nodded and smiled shyly at him. I hadn't gotten to know Zayn very much yet but he seemed nice enough. Liam resumed his position with our hands and we both ate quietly, flashing the off smile and maybe a wink on his part too. I devoured my food quickly and he did the same so Zayn took the plates away, leaving us in privacy for a little while before the main course.

"Look Ruby..." Liam trailed off and I gave his fingers a small squeeze before he looked up meeting my gaze, "I just was wondering if maybe, I mean you don't have to and it's fine if you don't want to but, well, do you want to, er, well want to join me, and the boys of course, on, erm, on tour?" He was so nervous I almost laughed but instead a huge grin formed on my face and I practically lept out of my seat screaming,

"Yes! YES! YES! YES! Yes!" He grinned as well and stood up, swirling me around in the air after picking me up from my chair. We were both laughing like idiots from a mental hospital, which was most likely where we actually belonged. Once we finally calmed down, our faces still having to go through the ache of smiling as we couldn't stop, the main course appeared in the form of Niall in a waitor costume. This made me really laugh again and I almost fell out my chair. The worst part was, unlike the others, he actually pulled it off. He shot me a glare and a sickly smile to Liam who was in a smiliar state to me, then laid down two plates.

"You main course today is hunters chicken. This is chicken breast wrapped in bacon topped with melted cheese and bbq sauce on a bed of rice." His voice was tight and I tried - and failed - to suppress more laughter. He almost ran away and we tucked in. We exchanged small talk as we ate the amazing meal. The dessert came from Louis dressed the same and this time I actually did fall out my chair. He picked me up after setting it on the table, and I showed off my high-heeled shoes to him. "Veeeeeeeery Niiiiiiiiice. Hate to say it, but.... I told you so." He gave a slight wink, talked for a little longer and went back to wherever he came from.

The dessert was a delicious chocolate mousse thing that was just like heaven in your mouth. They could have shop bought all this for what I know, but if one of the boys made it well, they better make it again! It was pitch black now and there was only light from the candles dotted around. Niall came and played a gutiar and all they boys but Liam sung to it, a variety of songs.

"Care to dance?" Liam asked, getting out of his seat, bowing like an old fashioned gentleman and offering his hand. I giggled and accpeted his hand as he led me over to a patch of grass in the middle of the park. He then turned around, wrapping his arms around my waist as I snaked my round his neck, and we swayed to the boys singing with the occassional swirl or spin. As the singing ended and it was just the guitar Liam leaned in close to me and whispered in my ear something that sent me into shock,

"Will you give me the honour of being my girlfriend?" Before pulling away, dropping to one knee and opening a small box with a necklace with a charm 'L' on it with a small diamond at the join of the letter. It was beautiful and I was speachless, what do I say to that?

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