Old Friends New Life (Completed)

Hello, my name is Ruby. I was best friends with Liam all throughout secondary school. Yes, THE Liam Payne. When he left at the end of year 11 to audition for X-Factor again I supported him fully. We stayed in contact for a while but in the end just kind of drifted. We haven't contacted in a year and let alone seen each other in nearly 2. Fancy running into him on the night I ran away of all nights. You see my dad died of cancer but I never told Liam. My mum was depressed and when Anthony came along he was really nice. Mum was so masked by their 'love' that she didn't listen when I told her of all the abuse he gave me. Things didn't help when he got her pregnant. I decided to run away in the end. That was enough, I couldn't cope with anything anymore. I went to the river and was standing on the bridge, about to jump...


11. Presents

Ruby's P.O.V. (Continued)

Everyone was talking so I decided to lean over Liam and tap Louis. Liam was slightly amused by it as he looked down at me as I was practically in his seat, but resumed his conversation with whoever was sitting opposite.

"Louis." I tapped his shoulder as he was having his drink and he turned his head, smirking as he saw my position. I sighed and just got up and sat in Liam's lap instead. He was slightly surprised but just wrapped his arms around me and continued to talk as I whispered in Louis' ear, "You like her don't you?" He turned red and feined innocence.

"Who?" I just laughed and gestured to Shelby who was coming back to our table to take away our main course plates. If it was possible Louis turned even redder and I laughed quietly, shutting up momentarily as she came past us, collecting the plates and lingering at Louis a bit as they looked into each others eyes. I partially wanted to gag as th other part of me thought it as cute. When she disappeared again I just raised my eyebrows at Louis and he sighed. "Okay, maybe a little." I smiled triumphantly and jumped off Liam's lap.

"Where are you going?" They both asked at the same time. I rolled my eyes and told them the bathroom when as a matter of fact I was going to find Shelby. When I found her she was at some family's table taking drinks orders so I waited patiently and caught up with her just as she was getting them at the bar.

"Shelby?" I asked to make sure it was her. She looked up and smiled a million killowatt smile. I smiled back, genuinly and she softened a bit.

"How can I help you?" She asked.

"Well, you know Louis Tomlinson on the table over there?" I gestured to around the corner and she nodded, looking slightly red and confused. "Well he is one of my best friends and I couldn't help but notic you staring. Don't worry I won't tell." I smiled at her and she relaxed before smiling at me genuinly for the first time. "Well" I continued "Earlier today him and Eleanor broke up and I know for a fact that he really likes you." She smiled even broader and so did I, "Would do you me a massive favour?" Her smile faultered a bit but she nodded her head. "Would you give me your number to give to him? He is too nervous." She nodded vigourously and I grinned again as she wrote her number down on a napkin with a pen from behind the bar. I thanked and she did the same as I made my way back over to the table. I got there and dropped the napkin on Louis' lap before taking my own seat once again. He looked confused and I gestured to the napkin. When he read it he smiled the biggest smile I have ever seen him give. Which is saying something. The napkin read,


Hi Louis,

My name is Shelby and I really like you. Call or text me?


Shelby xxx


(Fake number btw). I saw Louis quickly typing the number into his phone and grinned. Something tells me we will be seeing a little more of Shelby in the future. She seems like a nice girl. I was so full that I couldn't finish a dessert so Liam and I, agreed to share one. The massive caramel sundae came with two spoons and it looked amazing. Vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce and caramel chunks with chocolate sauce on top and a wafer. I dug into it first and it tasted heavenly. Liam did the same thing and we laughed at the faces we each made. After that every time we had a bite, we pulled a funny face at the other to make them laugh. It turned into a game and he won. That meant he got the wafer. We were done before everyone else and I was tired but once they all finished they sung Happy Birthday to me and gave me presents. By this time I was practically asleep on Liam so I promised I would open them tomorrow but thank you. All the boys carried the gifts onto the bus after the SUV ride and Liam carried me. I was vaguely aware of him laying me on the bed and changing me into my nightclothes when the others were downstairs, then his warm body cuddling up to mine and after that everything went black.



My eyes fluttered open to see Liam asleep next to me, his hair messed up and looking kind of hot. I kissed his cheek and carefully removed his grip from me, making my way down the stairs. Looking at the clock I saw it was only 8:30am so I decided to sit on the couch and open my birthday presents. The first one was from Liam and I opened it to reveal an iPhone 5 case that was personalised with a picture on the back with the same doodles as the ones in the bathroom mirror at the house with my ones added. I smiled at this but was slightly confused as I didn't have a phone. The next one I picked up was from all five boys and I grinned as I saw the iPhone 5. I turned it on and it was already set up with contacts of a load of people, some I didn't know, and loads of apps and music. I played around with it for a bit before opening a small package that said it was from Harry, iPhone accessories which included charger and amp etc. The next was quite small and from Zayn, ducky earphones. I laughed and looked to see another one from him which was a bracelet. It was gold and on each link it had a letter that made up 'The real girl with One Direction' I laughed and thought about how I was in the place that millions of girls across the globe want to be in. There was of course the difference though, that they knew the words to all their songs and I was lucky if I even knew the title one...

Niall came down the stairs and smiled at me as he saw me opening presents. Even if it was a day late... After making us both  cup of coffee... is a plastic mug, he sat next to me and thrusted a box into my hands to open. I raised my eyebrow at him as I read the message saying it was from him. To annoy him I undid the ribbon and tore the paper off really slowly. What I wasn't expecting though was to come face to face with brand new hair straighteners and another box attatched that was curlers. I lept on Niall and he was a bit shocked at first but soon wrapped his arms back around me.

"Thank you SO much!!" I kissed his cheek and he blushed a little as I was grinning like an idiot. After I had calmed down he handed me yet another box from him and I opened it to find all sorts of hair accessories and extra bits and pieces for the straighteners and curlers. I was about to leap on him again but he put his hand up saying a kiss would do. I stuck my tongue out and gave him a sloppy kiss on the cheek. He groaned and wiped it off with a slightly amused and slightly annoyed look on his face as I just smiled sweetly. I returned my attention to the pile of presents and picked up a small box from Louis. I tore the paper off and saw a medium sized black velvet box. I gasped as I found matching earrings and necklace that were gold. On the necklace hung a heart and on the back engraved was,

Sass Masta Louis' best frind Forever!!!!!

I laughed a bit and so did Niall when I showed him, and I put it on with Liam's necklace that I don't take off. They actually looked quite good together. Louis came down the next minute and he smiled as he saw the necklace on and I got up to give him a huge hug. He kissed my hair in the hug and smiled at me, squeezing a little before pulling away to make himself some coffee like me and Niall. I waited for him before turning to a massive box from 'One Direction Team' which meant all the staff. I smiled and opened it up with help from Louis and Niall as it was so big, and we found a big wooden box. I was confused even more when we opened it and found lots of little presents stacked, individually wrapped. I groaned at the prospect of more unwrapping and Louis laughed before diving in and helping me. Niall joined in and we sat and opened all of them. There must have been at least 50 in there for the size of the wooden box. We found that each one was a piece of clothing. They ranged from T-shirts, to dresses, to jeans, to shoes. They were all so beautiful and they were for all seasons and events, all in my size. I grinned as I found hoodies for winter and dresses for summer, gowns for awards, swimsuits for swimming. Everything you could imagine was in there. When we were all finished we folded them back up and placed them neatly in the box.

"There's some more by the way." Louis said and I looked over the other side of the box to see a few more presents neatly wrapped. Niall climbed over and handed me one as I sat down, and it said from Paul. I grinned as I had gotten along really well for him and we were already close enough that he got me to call him Uncle Paul. I unwrapped the paper and opened a box to see several bracelets and wristbands. The bracelets were rope of different kinds and you could wear them all the time which is what I do and plan to do with these, the wristbands said things like 'WWJD' and '1D' and one even said 'Paul's 'niece'' like he expected us to become that close. Those were just a few and I planned to wear them all some time. Harry came down and kissed my cheek as he sat next to me, leaning on my shoulder. I thanked him for his present and played with his hair for a while before he spotted the unopened presents. He got them and placed them on my lap for me to open before resuming his comfortable position on me. I picked one and it said from 'Lou (And Lux)' and I smiled. I opened it to find it was an anklet that was made of rope and had a little silver charm off it with a small handprint with 'Lux' engraved underneath. I smiled and put it on. The others thought it was cute and I placed my feet in Louis' lap as he was sitting in front of me on a beanie. I seemed to do that a lot to him. We both chuckled at the same thought and I picked up the second from last present. It was an envelope. Written on the front was,


I Love You and I hope you have a great time with me?

Lot's of love and kisses

Liam xxx

Now I was intrigued. I peeled off the selotape keeping it sealed and pulled out two plane tickets to Hawaii in one months time. There was also a little note from him explaining it was for a week and he had one last present he wanted to give me later. I wondered what it could be before turning to the very last present, which I was glad as it was now nearly 10:00 am. Zayn, Liam and Bella all came down before Bella darted upstairs again. I kissed the boys on the cheek and thanked them for their presents, not bothering to move and Harry was still on my shoulder. I continued to play with his hair as Liam sat next to me and kissed my forhead taking the other shoulder. I rolled my eyes at them and Bella came back and dropped a present in my lap. I grinned at her and unwrapped it to reveal a framed photo. It was of me, her and another boy called Jake. We went to this summer camp together last year for teenagers and it was based on Christianity, but the picture was taken just after the water fight we all had and we are dripping wet in our swimsuits, there is me in the middle in my red and white polka-dot bikini, then on my left is Bella in her matching bikini but white with red polka dots, and on my right is Jake in his swim trunks. They are red as well. And yes, we did plan it. It was an amazing summer and we all kept in touch still. The frame is wooden and stuck to one side is the strip of pictures we all took in the photo booth and mini pictures are on the other side of all of us at different points in the summer. Then it is decorated with little gems and sparkly stuff. Tears pricked my eyes and I didn't care about Harry and Liam as I got up and hugged her really tight.

"I have another surprise." She said as Liam and Harry groaned from their heads hitting not only the couch but each other. We both giggled and the other boys laughed as Bella carried on. "Jake is going to join us on tour for a bit!" I squealed and we both jumped up and down in excitement. Liam and Harry sat up and I took my place again opening the last present, which was quite big. All the boys got together and grinned as it was from all of them again. I tore the paper off and it revealed five seperate boxes. All of which were dolls. To be more specific, One Direction dolls. They all laughed really hard and I rolled my eyes as I opened up the Liam doll. I got him out and then all the others. I then switched all their clothes and the boys shut up. I gave them each their own doll and they all looked quite frightened as they each had at least one piece of clothing from each doll. Me and Bella laughed as they tried to figure out which piece of clothing was for which doll. They sat there trying to put them back together fro around half an hour and then they were pleased. We put them back in their boxes only to find pictures of their outfits on the back. I burst out laughing with Bella again as all the boys groaned at their own stupidness.

I didn't deserve such amazing friends. They had gotten me more for my birthday than I could have ever asked for. Including those who didn't even know me properly. After lunch we decided to watch a DVD, half way through though Zayn got up and dragged me with him. Liam yet again collided with the sofa and I giggled.

"Hate to do this guys but I have to steal Ruby away. Coffee time." I grinned and grabbed one of my new jumpers out of the big wooden box and he put his jacket on as well. I then slipped on red converse to go with my white top and skinny jeans. I was actually looking forward to getting to know Zayn better. Coffee here we come.

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