Old Friends New Life (Completed)

Hello, my name is Ruby. I was best friends with Liam all throughout secondary school. Yes, THE Liam Payne. When he left at the end of year 11 to audition for X-Factor again I supported him fully. We stayed in contact for a while but in the end just kind of drifted. We haven't contacted in a year and let alone seen each other in nearly 2. Fancy running into him on the night I ran away of all nights. You see my dad died of cancer but I never told Liam. My mum was depressed and when Anthony came along he was really nice. Mum was so masked by their 'love' that she didn't listen when I told her of all the abuse he gave me. Things didn't help when he got her pregnant. I decided to run away in the end. That was enough, I couldn't cope with anything anymore. I went to the river and was standing on the bridge, about to jump...


18. f\bhagbvf

Ruby's P.O.V.

I woke up in a weird room, definitely not the hospital, with Liam's arms wraped securely around my waist. I only had a second to smile and mentally thank him before a wave of naustea hit me. I quickly lept out of the bed and made a run for the bathroom just in time to empty the contents of my stomach. I groaned as another wave hit and I felt someone tiredly pull the hair back from my face and rub my back soothingly. Liam's voice whispered in my ear comforting things until a couple minutes later, it was all over like nothing had happened. I flushed the toilet and brushed my teeth before returning to the room and sitting on the bed next to Liam as he wrapped an arm around my waist and I laid my head on his shoulder. My head was pounding now I thought about it, and I reached up to find a massive bandage around it. That must look great. I was exhausted and I looked at the clock, reading it as 10:17am. The boys had a concert tonight but had been let off rehersals for the day. Liam got dressed into a pair of jeans and a white shirt, with a maroon plaid one over the top open. I wasn't gonna lie, I watched... Afterwards he gave me 3 pills to take with water and then helped me get dressed myself. I was only in sweats. In the end I picked out some green jeans with a long sleeved, comfy, blue top and we both matched with white converse. I then put on my navy hollister hoodie as Liam went with his grey pullover. He grabbed my hand as we left the room with my bag and his keys and wallet in his back pocket.

"HEY!!!!!!!!!!!" I flinched at the sound of Bella's voice as it was so loud, but smiled all the same. Liam glared lightly at her and she lowered her voice a bit as she added on "Sorry... how you feeling?" Liam walked on ahead as Louis came out his room with... Shelby...? I waved and she came over as I replied to Bella.

"Better now I'm out of that hospital and dosed up on drugs." I let out a slight giggle and she did too. "Hiya!" I greeted Shelby with a hug and her and Bella hugged as well as she introduced herself. I was so glad that Louis had finally contacted Shelby. Her long brown her was curled and stood out her chocolate brown eyes perfectly. "So what are we doing today?" I asked once we had moved on from the topic of me.

"We are going shopping." I jumped as Liam wrapped his arms behind me. I smiled and melted into his grip and grinned as his hand wondered and started to play with the jumper around my stomach. Bella noticed and smiled as Niall joined as well. Shelby was completely clueless poor her. I would have to tell her later. It turned out that by 'we' it meant...










When we got to the shopping centre we all kind of split off and Jake went with Zayn and Harry for some 'guy time' whatever that means. As me and Liam passed 'Babies R Us' he stopped and pulled my hand back so we were looking in the window. I spotted what he had seen, a baby onesie with One Direction on it and red writing on the back saying 'Baby Directioner'. I laughed and Liam said we had to get it when the baby was born. To be honest, I was quite looking forward to the baby now. Liam would be a great dad.

It turned out that I needed everything in the next size up because of my 'bump' so Liam consoled me and tried to pick out some really nice clothes for me. Some of them were quite nice but nothing I ended up buying. We did get some hot clothes and swim suits for Hawaii in a week though. I almost forgot about the trip but was really excited all the same.

Getting back to the hotel, Louis had bought Shelby a rope bracelet with a silver heart on it, and Niall had got Bella a heart locket with a picture of Niall inside it. She was so happy I giggled at her hyperness. As my head started to hurt Liam gave me some more tablets and we went back to our room. It was 5:32pm according to the clock, and I was exhausted. We had just had dinner at a chinese restaurant so I ended up falling back onto the bed. We got changed into our pajamas and snuggled in bed. I noticed as I was getting changed, there is a small bump. Liam put on 'Monsters Inc.' but I fell asleep within the first few minutes.


A/N sorry for that cruddy bit but needed to hurry along to this...


*1 Week Later*

Me and Liam stepped off the plane to be welcomed with the heat of Hawaii. I was in a flowly white maxi dress and Liam was in Navy shorts and a white T-Shirt. The house we were staying in was amazing. A massive King sized double bed with ensuite bathroom and flat screen TV. A walk in wardrobe and a balcony overlooking the sea. There was a kitchen and a massive living room with another TV and another bathroom. Way too much space for just two people, but I wasn't complaining. The first day Liam insisted on going to the beach and swimming with the turtles and the second I insisted on sun bathing... much to his disgust.

"I hate this..." I mumbled as I threw up again in the ensuite bathroom toilet at 4am. It was the beginnin to our third day and it was starting much like the first two. Liam rubbed my back and I was sick yet again. Eventually I sat down on the floor and leaned against the bath tub as Liam sat beside me. I laid my head on his shoulder and he wrapped one arm around my waist as the other rubbed my bump gently in circles. It was definitely going to show more soon even with baggy clothes. I was like 14 weeks now according to the doctor and it was becoming obvious. Apparently the morning sickness should stop any time now and I prayed to God that it would be tomorrow. Liam shifted me so I was sitting in his lap and he continued to run my belly and kiss my neck and shoulder every so often. Liam was amazing throughout all of this and I was so grateful he was there. At around 5am he finally shifted and asked,

"So what are we doing today baby?" I blushed a little and shrugged my shoulders in response. "Sun bathing?" He asked sweetly and I shook my head. "Swimming?" Another shake. "Shopping?" Yet another. He sighed and I leaned heavily against him as he carried me out to the living room where the TV turned on and the news showed the latest world disatsers that seemed like a million light years away from this paradise here with Liam. I never wanted to leave here, just three days left... , but I wasn't going to lie either, I did miss the boys and the other girls back at home. Home. I wondered how mum and that bast**d were doing. I felt sorry for her for a moment, having to go through this, but it went as quick as it came. I thought back to the nightmare I had a few weeks back, of being at mine and Liam's wedding but my 'Step-dad' had taken me away from him. I shivered at the thought but quickly shrugges it off. "Decided what you want to do today babe?" Liam asked as he reappeared from the kitchen with a cup of tea for him and decaf coffee for me. In response I climbed on to him and smashed my lips against his. He was smirked into the kiss, carefully putting his drink on the table in front before wrapping his arms around my waist. "I see how this is..." He trailed off smiling and kissed me again, this time full of more love and passion. We were both smiling and he carefully laid me down on the couch, hovering over me.

My hands ran through his hair as his travelled up and down my body. It grew more heated by the second and he picked me up with my legs wrapped around him, carrying me to the bedroom without leaving my lips. My back hit the bed and my nightdress was off in an instant along with his white shirt and basketball shorts. He hovered over me, staring in to my eyes for a second as he asked,

"Are you sure? Can we do this?" I nodded and pulled him down on me with no complaint from him, and I think you can guess what happened from there.



*3 Weeks later* (Sorry...)

"Babe wake up. We have to go in half an hour." Liam's voice woke me up and I groaned, attempting to roll over and bury my face in the pillow. 17 weeks pregnant meant my bump was really starting to show, an we had another ultrasound today. Our first proper one since the hospital incident a couple months ago. "C'mon love, it's 10:30am and the appointment is at 11:30 plus it takes like half an hour to get there..." It was really complicated being pregnant whilst they were on tour, as it meant I never really had one secure doctor which they hated (The hospitals). Currently we were in Italy for a week before Spain one week and then off to touring America for like 12 weeks and finally Australia and New Zealand for 5 weeks and Japan 2 weeks then home. That took me to 38 weeks pregnant... cutting it close. Plus we would take ages to get home by tour bus as I wouldn't be able to fly after 30 weeks. They let me off for America to Australia... But the boys and Bella's band were staying with us so we didn't feel left out. "Come on or I will tickle you..." I shot out of bed, hitting my head on the shelf in the process, and glared at Liam. As soon as he saw my head was okay he burst out laughing. Mean. I got dressed into Pregnancy jeans and a loose flowy white pregnancy top with navy lace design along the top. My brown curls I left naturally after brushing them through. Finally I slipped on a pair of white TOMS and we were off. Paul was driving us to the hospital and would wait in the car which was nice of him. We then had a 45 minute drive (Stopping to get breakfast) and made it at 11:28am. Liam entiwned our fingers as we made our way into the waiting room. Strange women gave us glares but we ignored them and continued to wait patiently, Liam occassionally rubbing my bump.

"Ruby Payne?" A doctor called out. I raised my eyebrow at Liam who smiled sheepishly as my name was registered to his. We followed the doctor into the room where she asked a few basic questions before leading us over to a machine with a screen (A/N that rhymed!! Sorry... anwyay...) and made me lie down on the bed and pull up my shirt. "This will be cold at first." She squirted a liquid on and I gasped but quickly got used to it, grabbing Liam's hand in mine. He squeezed it a little and smiled at me as the woman moved the thing around on my bump. The screen filled with an image and she started to point out the head and feet and arms and legs etc. I looked over at Liam and saw him wipe a tear away as he kissed me on the lips quickly. We both returned our gaze to the screen until she made me wipe my stomach clean. We got 10 prints and then walked out hand in hand. (A print for Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall, Me, Liam, Bella, Shelby, Jake and Liam's parents who had been really supportive after disappointment). When we got back to the car we showed Paul who smiled and made our way back to the tour bus. We were greeted by everyone as we sat down on the sofa. Liam took the prints from my back and handed everyone one each. Shelby had ended up joining us on tour as Louis and her flirting non-stop and unashamedly. Liam then took a picture of it and added it to one of us together, him kissing my cheek, and one of me side on with my bump showing and set it as his iPhone background. His lock one was just one of us at the beach in Hawaii behind the sunset on the rocks.

"So what do you think it'll be? Boy or a girl?" Niall asked as Bella snuggled up to him next to me. I leant against Liam heavily and rubbed my stomach in thought. Liam wrapped his arm around me and looked down at me with questioning eyes. In the end I shruugged,

"Not too sure but I kind of want a boy..." I blushed and Liam kissed my cheek, nodding agreeing with me. "As long as it's healthy I don't really care." I added and Liam nodded again.

"What about names? Got any?" Shelby asked on the other side of Louis, snuggled up with Louis. Liam shook his head and answered,

"We hadn't really thought about it much," he turned his attention to me, "What do you think?" he asked. I shrugged and he kissed my lips sweetly as he wrapped his other arm around me. In the end we all decided to watch a film so we put on 'LOL' as it was one of my favourite movies ever. It got to around 5pm and the boys had to leave for the concert. I pouted and Liam kissed my lips, lingering before turning into a mini make-out session. When we pulled away he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me as tight as possible with a baby bump, and said, "If you need anything just call, my phone will be on stage with me, if I don't answer call Paul. I will be back at like 9pm latest. You know where everything is but if not again just ask Paul. Shelby and Bella are staying here so you have them for company-" He was rambling so I cut him off by kissing him again.

"I'll be FINE Liam, now go, I'll see you later." He nodded, looking unconvinced a I shoved him out the door with the other boys, giving him one last peck on the lips and closing the door behind him. My phone buzzed and I took it out.

Liam Payne xxxxxxxxxxxxx

It's rude to slam a door in someones face!


I giggled and replied with a simple sorry but he just stuck his tongue out at me (Text way...) and I didn't reply after that. Me and Shelby and Bella got changed into our nightclothes and snuggled on the sofas with popcorn and watching 'Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging' and laughing so hard at her embarrassing moments. That finished around 8pm and we just sat and gossiped like we used to.

"So what's going on with you and Niall then Bella?" I asked and Shelby leant closer if that was possible as we were all on the same couch, me in the middle. She blushed a deep red and mumbled a 'nothing' but me and Shelby poked her sides. "C'mon, what's going on?" Eventually she looked up, bright crimson but grinning like a 5 year old on Christmas day.

"Well, we kissed a couple times and we always act coupley and he even took me on a few dates, but he never asked me to be his girlfriend." She frowned a bit and we comforted her, giving her advice as to how to move things along, like maybe ask him first. "But what about you and Louis Shelby?" She asked. It was her turn to turn bright red and look at the ground.

"Well we keep almost kissing, but then when we pull away it becomes really awkward and I don't know! I mean I like him and he likes me... as he said, but nothing happens." I gave her a side hug and we did more advice sharing. After gossiping for ages, it turned to 9pm and the boys waltzed through the door. Liam pecked my lips, stealing a hand of popcorn.

"HEY! That's mine!" I slapped his arm playfully and he grinned at me.

"Want it back?" He asked with his mouth full of popcorn. I made a face and he just laughed. Niall tried to kiss Bella on her lips but she turned her head and he ended up getting her cheek. He frowned but sat next to her. She was going to act as just friends and see if it made Niall ask her out any faster. Hopefully. Shelby got a kiss on the cheek from Louis and he sat next to her. She leant on him and he kissed her forhead as his arm snaked around her waist. "C'mon." Liam said grabbing my hand. I followed him up the small stairs, being careful and going a bit slower. We reached our bed and I sat down as he changed into a pair of black pajama bottoms and a grey shirt before climbing under the covers. I got under with him and we sat against the back, me inbetween his legs as his chin rested on my shoulder from behind and his hands with mine, rubbing my belly carefully.

"What do you think for names?" I asked him after a while. He kissed my cheek and replied, "For a girl I like Rebecca or Lily or Emily, for a boy I like Danny, Max and Peter." I nodded and he asked, "What about you?" with another kiss on the cheek. I leant back against him fully and rested the back of my head on his shoulder.

"Not sure, I like Danny, Leo and James for a boy, and Emily, Lacey and Cammie for a girl." He kissed my neck gently and nodded.

"In like Cammie. Okay for a girl Cammie Emily?" I nodded my head in agreement and he went on, "For a boy Danny? And then maybe the others could choose a middle name for a boy?" I noddded my head in agreement and turned my head slightly so I could peck his lips. It was 9:45pm and I yawned. Liam chuckled and carefully laid down so I was next to him with my head on his chest and his arms around me. "Goodnight Ruby, Goodnight Danny or Cammie." I smiled and he switched the light off, kissing me gently on the lips again. I heard the others come to bed at around 10:30pm but Liam just kissed my head and I was out again with a smile on my face.





So sorry it took so long! My teachers seem obsessed with homework and exams at the moment :'( got another one firday! :S anyway, I am sorry it was jumpy I just needed to move it on a bit. Remember Harry and Zayn still need girlfriends if you want just leave a description below in the comments or email me at bethpipsqueak@gmail.com :) Feel free to email anyway... haha

Hope you like it and hope to update soon! Love you guys and comment and like and favourite!

Beth :) xxx

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