Old Friends New Life (Completed)

Hello, my name is Ruby. I was best friends with Liam all throughout secondary school. Yes, THE Liam Payne. When he left at the end of year 11 to audition for X-Factor again I supported him fully. We stayed in contact for a while but in the end just kind of drifted. We haven't contacted in a year and let alone seen each other in nearly 2. Fancy running into him on the night I ran away of all nights. You see my dad died of cancer but I never told Liam. My mum was depressed and when Anthony came along he was really nice. Mum was so masked by their 'love' that she didn't listen when I told her of all the abuse he gave me. Things didn't help when he got her pregnant. I decided to run away in the end. That was enough, I couldn't cope with anything anymore. I went to the river and was standing on the bridge, about to jump...


20. Baby Time

Ruby's P.O.V.


I woke up and sat up. That was hard. 30 weeks pregnant. Wow this was getting hard. We had an ultrasound today at 10am so we had to leave the tour bus by half 9. It was 8am now and there was no chance of getting back to sleep so I slowly and carefully got up. We had one week left in America. It has been a long 11 weeks. I had cut twice more but not as bad as on the plane. The last time was a couple of weeks ago and Liam had only caught it because he came off stage to get something and found me in the bathroom. Ever since then he has got Paul to stay with me every second he isn't there. The middle time though, Liam doesn't know about as it was on my legs and it was now fully healed. Harry had caught that one and patched me up.

I went down the stairs very slowly and made myself a strawberry milkshake in a PLASTIC cup before sitting down in the living room. My bump was now massive and I was finding it quite hard to move about. Along with that my back contantly hurt with my swollen feet. I subconciously rubbed my belly with one hand and sipped my milkshake from the other. My phone buzzed and I reached into my pocket to get it.

From: Paullllllllllll :D x

We leave in an hour, make sure Liam is up please.

Lots of Love

Paulllllll :D xxx

Paul had changed his name in my phone himself when we hung back stage last week since he has been with me every second. He had become kind of like a father figure to me. I still thought of my real dad all the time though. If only he could see me now. Would he be proud of me? I replied to Paul and went up to get Liam up.

"Leeeeeeeeeeeyum." He groaned and rolled over to facepalm his pillow. "It's time to get up babe." He rolled back over to face me and opened his eyes so I could see his beautiful caramel brown colour. He smiled a little, tiredly, and strecthed up to kiss my lips before getting out of bed. First he helped me into a pair of denim shorts and a white strap flowy top as it was boiling in Texas. I also slipped on a pair of white flip flops. Liam then dressed himself in some khaki shorts and a white T-shirt that fitted him quite snuggly. Not that I was complaining or anything... We then went downstairs and got some breakfast before Paul knocked on the door at 9:30 exactly.

"You ready?" He asked after we hugged, and I nodded my head. There were a few fans outside and Liam quickly took a couple of pictures and signed a few things before grabbing my hand and getting in the car. The fans had been very supportive of me and Liam having a baby, sure a few weren't so nice but most were really kind. We had even recieved a few baby toys and clothes from them. We pulled up at the hospital and Liam jumped out before coming round to my side and helping me out. Before we went in I went up to Paul by the window.

"You want to come in with us?" I asked him. He looked a little surprised but then excited and quickly hopped out the car, locking it behind him, and walking on the other side of me into the hospital. Liam went and checked me in whilst me and Paul sat down. "You excited? I mean you haven't been to one before have you?" I asked him as Liam sat back down on the other side and took my hand in his.

"I came to one with Lou for Lux, but never actually went in. So yeah, quite excited. I am going to spoil this kid rotten!" We all laughed a bit and the baby kicked quite hard. I rubbed the spot and it kicked again so I shifted position a little.

"It kicking a lot today?" Liam asked and I nodded as he rubbed my belly as well. Paul looked a little amazed and I realised he hadn't felt it before so I took his hand and placed it where the baby was kicking. He smiled and looked at me slightly in awe. The nurse then called us and Liam helped me stand up before we all three made our way through to the room. The doctor greeted us and I laid down on the bed as Liam took a seat by my side and took my hand, and Paul took a seat next to him.

"Hello Ruby, I am doctor Markus and we are doing a scan today. 30 weeks right?" I nodded. "Okay so I would recommend you stop flying by plane in around 4-6 weeks time okay? And try to promote keeping the baby moving on long flights." I nodded and Liam squeezed my hand a little as I pulled up my top. The cold gel went on and I flinched. "Sorry." he mumbled with a slight smile. He then took the device and started to move it on my belly and a picture came up on the screen. "So there is your baby. The head is there." He pointed to be baby's head, "There are the feet" He spun it round so the feet were showing and a small tear escaped. I could never get tired of this. "And this is its arm." He continued to point out different parts and I turned to look at Liam. He looked at me and kissed me lightly on the lips before looking back to the screen. Paul wiped away a tear and coughed like a man when I noticed and I giggled a bit as he winked at me.

"Could we get some pictures?" Liam asked and the doctor nodded. We got nine copies. One for each of the boys and us and Paul. 7. One for Lou. 8. And one I was going to send home. They deserved to know they were going to be grandparents. Liam didn't know I was going to do that and I wasn't going to tell him either. He'd just worry. We got out and Paul was looking at his picture in awe. He took a picture of it on his phone and saved it in a collage with the boys, me and his family, and made it his background. He was really excited about this.

"How did it go?" The boys and girls all asked as soon as we got back on the tour bus.

"Really well. We got some pictures for you boys." Liam replied. He held my waist but I walked off and sat down next to Harry and Zayn. My feet were killing me. I then swung round and leant against Harry and putting my feet up in Zayn's lap where he started to massge them. Harry wrapped an arm around me and my eyes started to get heavy. I drowned out all the noise and fell asleep. It was only 11am but still.


"I look fat!" I whined to Lou as we stood in the airport waiting for our plan to Australia to be called for baording a week later. 3 weeks there and then 2 weeks in New Zealand before 2 weeks Japan and home. I was so tired and exhausted as it was like midnight, and Liam was trying to get me to sit down but I didn't want to. I kept moving on my feet.

"No you don't, you look pregnant. Which you are." she said and I groaned. Lux then tugged on the end of my maxi dress so I picked her up carefully. She snuggled into the crook of my neck, as she was tired, and wrapped her arms around my neck. "She adores you Ruby, you're going to be a great mum." I smiled and started to walk around a bit with Lux falling asleep on me. I strarted to sing quietly to myself.

"I was left, to my own devices

 Many days, went away with nothing to show

 And the walls kept tumbling down in the city that we loved

 Great clouds rolled over the hills bringing darkness from above.

 But if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothings changed at all?

 And if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like you've been here before?"

"You should sing more often." I jumped slightly as Liam appeared beside me. He smiled apologetically and wrapped an arm around my waist as I leant heavily against him. He kissed my cheek and I passed Lux over to him. She wriggled a little but didn't wake up. I rubbed my stomach with my hand and one on my lower back. The baby moved a little and kicked. The baby moved so much it was insane. It kept me up all the previous night kicking and elbowing and moving around. "Come on." Liam placed an arm around my waist and guided me back to the others. It was quite away, I hadn't realised how far I had walked.

"We can get on now apparently." Niall said as he kissed my cheek and took Bella's hand. Shelby had got a modelling job in America so wasn't joining us until a couple of days. Louis was a bit down but still happy. They were perfect together. Louis then replaced Liam as he picked up our bags with one hand as he still had Lux and Lou had gone ahead with Paul.

"How you doing, love?" Louis asked and I groaned. He chuckled. "That good huh?" I smiled a little and let my eyes drop for a second.

"So tired. It won't stop moving and kicking!" Louis looked sympathetic and we started to walk to the plane. Liam walked on the other side and rocked Lux as she wriggled and woke up. She tried to get out of Liam's grasp and go to me so I took her in my arms again. She sucked her thumb and buried herself in my neack again. Liam looked slightly hurt but understood she was tired. When Lux was tired she tended to go to me, and when she wanted to play she went to Liam. Lou came over and draped a blanket over her and offered to take her back but I said it was fine.

We boarded the plane and I gave Lux to Zayn and Harry as she started to become more active. I started to fall asleep after we got flying but the baby was having none of it. I knew it was good as it was moving, but really this much?

"Stop annoying mummy." Liam said as he bent down to kiss my bump. I smiled a little but ended up crying. My hormones were everywhere, I was exhausted, I was constantly travelling. I just wanted to go home. "Hey, come here baby. I know everything is getting a lot, but we only have 7 weeks left before we go home. If you think how far we have come, that isn't much at all. It didn't help and I just continued to cry.

"I'm so tired Liam. I just want to sleep but I can't." I sobbed into his shirt and he rubbed my back as he held me closer. He was frustrated because there was nothing he could do.I flinched as the baby moved quite sharply, and hissed. I wish it would just stop for a little while. Even if it is just a few hours. "Please Liam. Give them back." Liam had taken my scissors since the first time in the plane and I needed them. I didn't want to do it, I had to. Everything was too much.

"No." He said firmly. "You are fine. You can get through this. Give it a couple of days and you'll be as right as rain. You don't need them." I sobbed harder and clung to him. Then I started to hit his chest with my fists. he didn't do anything, just carried on running circles in my back. I eventually just broke down and collapsed into him as he held me close. "Come on. You can get through this." He rubbed my stomach with his other hand and the baby calmed down a bit. I took this as my opportunity and let my eyes shut. I closed off the world and concentrated on the feel of Liam beneath me and slowly drifted into a light sleep.


"You don't know you're beauiful!"

I was backstage at the last concert in New Zealand. 36 weeks pregnant. My back ached, my feet ached, my head ached, my shoudlers ached. Everywhere, ached. Paul was behind me, rubbing my shoulders as I sat in a chair, waiting for the boys to come off stage from their last song. 2 weeks left in Japan and it will all be over. Home. At last. My phone buzzed in my pocket and I took it out.

"Hope everything is going alright, miss you. Make sure Liam treats you good and congratulations they are beautiful! - Mum xx"

It took her long enough! I sent that picture weeks ago and she is only just telling me?! I threw my phone on the floor and watched it crack the screen. I became frustrated and stood up, pacing around. Paul just let me wonder around the area, leaving me to cool off. Urgh why did I have to have a stupid mum? Why couldn't I just have a normal family like everyone else? Why did dad have to die...?

"Hey! How are yo- woah... what's wrong?" Zayn walked over to me and wrapped me in his sweaty embrace. I pulled away and he smiled at me but I just glared and walke off down the coridoor. I knew someone was following me but I didn't care, I just went into the bathroom and sat down on a stool in the corner. Tears sprung to my eyes but I refused to let them go. I stood up and paced but I was still just angry. I ended up punching the wall. I cried out in pain a little and watched the blood run from my knuckles.

"Ruby?! Ruby let me in!" It was Liam but I didn't want him right now. All I wanted was my dad. So I punched the wall again and watched the blood flow a little more. The baby kicked and I rubbed it with my other hand until it calmed down. "Please Ruby, just let me in." I didn't say anything, I just sunk to the ground. I bet people thought I was just attention seeking. I heard mumbling and then a few seconds later a thump againt the door. I quickly pulled up the stool and hooked it under the handle so the door couldn't be opened. After a few more tried they figured it out and gave up. "Ruby please..." Liam's voice cracked. I was causing so much pain. Another punch to the wall. The blood started to come faster. I watched as it dripped and formed a puddle on the floor.

"Babe, let us in." Shelby begged from outside. I snapped up and moved towards the door. I took the chair away then paused. "Just me and Bella." She said as she read my mind. I slowly unlocked it and turned away. I heard it open an footsteps coming in, then it closing behind them. There was a hand on my shoudler and I turned and sobbed into Shelby. Bella came and rubbed circles into my back as well. When I calmed down a bit they sat me on th stool and helped me get cleaned up. Shelby bandaged my hand/ knuckles whilst Bella re-did my make-up. I rubbed my stomach with the other hand and the baby kicked. My navy maxi dress with little white flowers all over it, was clean so all I did was dust it off lighly as I stood up.

"Ruby..." Liam breathed as I walked out with Shelby and Bella holding my hands on each side. I looked down in guilt and he stepped forward. Bella and Shelby left to give us some privacy. "Please don't do that. I was so worried." He seemed unsure of whether to hug me or not so I stepped forward and wrapped my arms around him. He was a little shocked but soon wrapped his arms around me. "Hormones..." He mumbled and laughed. I giggled and hit him lightly and he chuckled. "I love you so much Ruby."

"I love you too Liam."

Just 4 more weeks. 2 weeks of tour. Come on.

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