Old Friends New Life (Completed)

Hello, my name is Ruby. I was best friends with Liam all throughout secondary school. Yes, THE Liam Payne. When he left at the end of year 11 to audition for X-Factor again I supported him fully. We stayed in contact for a while but in the end just kind of drifted. We haven't contacted in a year and let alone seen each other in nearly 2. Fancy running into him on the night I ran away of all nights. You see my dad died of cancer but I never told Liam. My mum was depressed and when Anthony came along he was really nice. Mum was so masked by their 'love' that she didn't listen when I told her of all the abuse he gave me. Things didn't help when he got her pregnant. I decided to run away in the end. That was enough, I couldn't cope with anything anymore. I went to the river and was standing on the bridge, about to jump...


24. Anthony

Ruby's P.O.V.


"Who the fu*k are you?!" Liam yelled, getting up to go and hit him, until I pulled him back again. He looked at me confused but sat down.

"Ahhhh, I see you have learnt well Ruby dear." Anthony sneered. He went to stroke my face as he stepped forward and I froze. I was shaking with fear yet anger at the same time. "You are beautiful darling. Shame your father mucked you up." At this point I snapped and shoved him up against the wall in fury. My hands pinning him so he couldn't move. He just smirked.

"Don't you DARE speak about my father in that way!" I punched him as hard as I would, square in the face. "He was better than you could even dream of being!" Liam looked like he was debating whether to pull me off him or not. "Liam, make everyone leave and take Daniel around to the park with Paul." Liam didn't move. "PLEASE." He got the message and silently, reluctantly, left the room. When I heard the front door shut I turned to Anthony.

"Now he's gone, let's get down to business huh?" He shoved me away and I fell to the floor, hitting my head on the bed. I flinched and shyed away. "Pretty boy isn't he?" He kicked me in the stomach and I doubled over in pain. "You shouldn't have run from me Ruby." He knelt down and whispered in my ear threateningly as I whimpered.

"Please..." He slapped me across the face and stood up.

"Your mother has been so worried about you! You know she went into early Labour because of it! Meant that I had to miss the free hour at the bar!" He trod on my leg and I yelped. "Now say your sorry or I will step down Ruby darling." He sneered.

"Never!" He started to press down and I clenched my teeth, preparing for another broken leg. That was until suddenly his body moved and slammed onto the floor next to me. I scrambled to my feet to see Paul punching him continuously. "Paul!" Liam came in and wrapped me in his arms. I sobbed into his shirt as police arrived, trying to pull Paul off of Anthony. They were failing miserably. "Paul." I murmered as I went over and touched his arm. He stopped and looked at me. "He's not worth it." I pulled on his arm and he stood up, wrapping his arms securely around me. The paramedics cleaned up my nose bleed and and checked for internal bleeding as the police took Anthony to jail. They told us he would be in for at least three years.

"Shhhh, mummy is getting fixed, you can be with her in a minute." Louis attempted to calm Daniel down by bouncing him lightly in his arms. "Yes, I get you're hungry and it's 2am but Uncle Louis can't do much about that can he?" Daniel continued to cry and I giggled.

"There are bottles in my bag with mixture in it, put it in the microwave and check it on the inside of your wrist Louis." I explained to him as the paramedic tried to stop my lip bleeding. I saw him nod and walk in the house to get the milk. When the paramedic finished up, Liam took my hand in his and went inside the house. Louis passed me a still crying but fed Daniel, and looked slightly hurt as he stopped crying amost immediately. I yawned and leant heavily against Liam.

"Come on, lets get you to bed babe, I'll get up tonight." I thanked Liam and we made our way upstairs, placing Daniel in the cot which Liam moved to his side, after changing him and putting him in a white one suit. "I love you." He said as he pulled the covers over us and kissed my lips.

"I love you too." I said.





I hope I have made up for not updating a lot recently :/ Sorry this one is short!

Just letting you know that I probably won't update for a while as I am going away for the rest of this week and it is my last week next week. But in summer holidays I am hoping to update more :)



Okay, so Harry and Zayn are still available. If you would like to be put in the story as a girlfriend of one of them then please leave a description and name below or if you don't want lots of people to see it feel free to email it to me @


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Thanks for reading and will hopefully update soon!

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