Old Friends New Life (Completed)

Hello, my name is Ruby. I was best friends with Liam all throughout secondary school. Yes, THE Liam Payne. When he left at the end of year 11 to audition for X-Factor again I supported him fully. We stayed in contact for a while but in the end just kind of drifted. We haven't contacted in a year and let alone seen each other in nearly 2. Fancy running into him on the night I ran away of all nights. You see my dad died of cancer but I never told Liam. My mum was depressed and when Anthony came along he was really nice. Mum was so masked by their 'love' that she didn't listen when I told her of all the abuse he gave me. Things didn't help when he got her pregnant. I decided to run away in the end. That was enough, I couldn't cope with anything anymore. I went to the river and was standing on the bridge, about to jump...


9. Annabelle

Liam's P.O.V.

I locked up the door and turned around to join all the boys on the tour bus. Ruby was waiting outside for me to join her as she still wasn't completely comfortable being around all the boys at once. Fair enough, I mean she has only know them for around a week anyway. I saw that she had got pretty close with Louis which I thought was nice but maybe one I need to watch out on because I don't want her picking up any of his absolutely irritating habits. I took Ruby's hand in mine and took her on to the tour bus.

"Woah..." She breathed. There was a kitchen at the back and in the middle was a lounge area reaching the front where the bus driver sat. At one end of the lounge sat a game area with a Wii, XBox360 and PlayStation 3 all with games. At the other end was a cabinet filled with DVD's and we placed more from inside, underneath it. There were stairs to the side that led upstairs where all the bunk beds were and a smal bathroom but big enough to fit a shower, toilet and sink. On the other end upstairs there was a lot of storage space where you could keep your clothes and any other stuff you wanted like souveniers and personal belongings. We found the boys upstairs, unpacking so that they wouldn't have to do it later. They learnt that the hard way last time when it came to night and they couldn't find their night clothes in their bags for a full half an hour until they looked at the bottom.

"Yours are already unpacked Ruby." Zayn said and she mumbled a thank you before looking away, shy. She was never one to be especially shy but never outgoing either. "Oh, by the way, our opening act is on here with us because she is the only girl in her band and wanted to stay with Ruby for some reason instead of all the boys of her band." We all nodded and Ruby looked slightly confused.

"I don't have a phone..." She whispered to me and I just smiled wickedly at her. I knew for a fact it was her birthday tomorrow and I bet she thought I had forgotten. But I hadn't. I had bought her an iPhone 5 and put all the contacts in it of me and the boys and anyone else she may need. Louis and Harry had then put on it all the music which consisted of a very wide variety and over 1000 songs. Luckily I had gotten the largest memory so it was okay. Niall and Zayn then downloaded A LOT of apps including twitter and facebook which I was going to help set up for her. We had planned it all. We then designed our own case for her and got it especially ordered. I hoped she liked it.


We were lounged around downstairs on the sofas, watching a film 'The Hunger Games'. It was around 7pm and we had been travelling all day. We were starting in Ireland so it was a very long journey. Currently we were around an hour away from the ferry port where we would be gettng on a ferry with the bus for three hours then getting back on the bus and travelling for a further six hours to the right part of Ireland where the first concert was. Form now on, we would be on the bus for another ten hours. That is excluding our pit stops which were half on hour each and there were three of them left so another hour and a half and then waiting at the ferry port for around an hour and the same on the other side. That adds an extra three and a half hours so overall nearing 14 hours left. That meant we would get at our destination around 9am and then unpack the staging and set up which is two hours so 11am rehearsals for two hours. Lunch for an hour. More rehearsals until 4pm then free until 6pm then an hour till the concert starts at 7pm. Wow, I know too much.

The bus then started to slow down and pull over to the side of the road. I was confused. I thought we weren't stopping until the ferry now? I looked down at a sleeping Ruby in the same postition as yesterday with her feet on Louis' lap who was sitting at the end of our sofa whilst Niall and Zayn were on the other with Harry on the floor leaning against their one. Zayn was asleep on Niall and Harry was too. Niall was close. Me and Louis shared a look of confusion and looked up as the door opened. In came a girl with browny/red curly hair reaching just below her shoudlers and ocean blue eyes. She was wearing a onesie for some reason as well...

"Hello there, love. Sorry for being rude but who are you and why are you on our bus?" She couldn't see Ruby or Harry because the door was behind the back of the couches. The girl appeared to be around our age no younger than 17 but no older than around 22. She blushed a little and took a step towards us, extending her arm and small hand towards us. She was pretty skinny and small. Pretty. Of course to me Ruby was just the most beautiful girl ever so no one else really lived up to her, but this girl was quite nice.

"Hello, my name is Annabelle, but you can call me Bella, I am 18 and your opening act. I was supposed to join your bus tomorrow but I was wondering if there was room tonight because the boys in my band are being REALLY annoying." She explained. A light bulb went off in my brain and a smile formed on my face. The same with Louis. By now Niall had dropped off and was snoring lightly with his head laying backwards on the sofa.

"Pleasure to meet you." I nodded at her because my arms were around Ruby who was laying on me. Not that I minded. Louis shook her hand and smiled sweetly at her.

"Yeah, lovely. You know who we are I am guessing. Try and find a space if you can and I hope you like 'The Hunger Games'. They're asleep but you can poke them and wake them up as long as they're male." Louis smirked and I chuckled slightly, causing Ruby to shift underneath me. It can't have been comfortable as I had pulled myself up to see over the top of the back of the couch. When Bella came over I laid back down on the pillow and pulled Ruby closer to me, kissing her hair and forhead before looking back at the screen. Louis didn't seem to mind when I shifted my feet onto his lap as well as Ruby to make it more comfy but looking closer he was drifting off as well. It's only like 7:30 and we hadn't been doing much but we were still falling asleep.

"I think there's a space next to Niall on that sofa." I said quietly as Bella looked around confused and the bus continued to move along now back on schedule. She sent me a thankful look and carefully stepped over Harry and took the space. Bless, she looked so nervous and out of place. Ruby shifted again and fluttered her eyes. I hope I haven't woken her up. When her eyes opened she glanced up at me with a smile before looking around and glancing around the room. When her gaze landed of Annabelle she froze and her eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Bella looked over and hers widened too.

"BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ruby half yelled, I jumped as she ran over to her, and fell on the floor with a *THUMP* I groaned and rolled over to see her hugging Bella really tightly and they both squealed as they jumped and down. I rolled my eyes and let my head fall back on the floor with another quieter *THUMP*. I was aware of Niall and Harry waking up, Louis slipping until he was where I was and Zayn just stayed conked out."

"Ummm... why is there a weird girl jumping up and down?" Harry asked me. I sat up and replied,

"Oh, her name is Bella, she is the new opening act but came early." I explained. Niall nodded and Harry smirked.

"No, I meant the other girl." I glared at him and smacked him across the back of the head as Ruby punched his arm. He laughed and rubbed both of the places. Ruby and Bella ignored everyone and walked upstairs. Niall and Harry returned to their places as I picked Louis up and pushed him back where he was. This was going to be a long tour.


"LIAM!!!" Ruby yelled from upstairs. My eyes slowly opened and I groaned but slowly made my way upstairs. I was a little cranky because I had only just managed to fall asleep with all of Niall's snoring. Bear that in mind...

"What?" I asked, very moody as soon as I saw her sitting on the bed with Bella upstairs. I acknowledged her before going and standing in front of Ruby so I was practically towering over her. I could see fear and hurt flash in her eyes before she spoke again.

"We have a problem." She whispered and again I was moody as I replied with the same thing as before,

"What?" More hurt. I knew what I was doing but I couldn't help myself. I was so tired and she was being so... I don't know. She wasn't doing anything wrong at all in fact it was just me. I needed to chill.

"There are only six beds for seven of us." She explained and I rolled my eyes, taking the last step so now I was cowering over here. Bella mumbled something about checking on the boys and left. As soon as I heard her footsteps on the floor downstairs I spoke again.

"Why is this problem? For one you are sharing with me, and for two we aren't even sleeping until after the ferry in these beds so you could wait until after couldn't you?" She was shaking and I immediately regretted my words and tone of voice. I sighed and sat down next to her on the bed. She edged away and I knelt over with my head in my hands as my elbows rested on my knees. "I'm sorry Ruby. I'm just tired." She didn't move but I could hear her breathing getting back to its normal rate. "Please, I just don't know what came over me." I thought of the fear and hurt in her eyes and flinched at it. How could I be so stupid. I know what she has been through, I am her boyfriend and boyfriends are supposed to help and make her feel better instead of being a dousche and making it worse. I felt her small arms wrap around my waist and pull me back again. I looked at her arms and saw the nearly gone bruises and felt even worse.

"I know you are, and I think I can forgive you." She said playfully. I smiled as she pushed me down on the bed and climbed on top of me. I placed my hands on her hips as she sat on my chest. Then she painfully slowly leaned down and pressed her small, soft lips against mine. I immediately started to kiss back and she smiled into the kiss, running her hands slowly through my hair. It was killing me and she knew it. I trailed my tongue across her lower lip but she denied entrance every time. I nibbled on it and again she denied. I moaned and I could feel her smirk. She then started to run her finger down my chest and I shivered. Then she was gone. I blinked confused and looked around to see her standing next to the bed. She winked and skipped off down the stairs as the bus pulled into the ferry port. I groaned and hit my head back in the pillow. I turned around and screamed into it. Not angry or anything just frustrated almost. I was so turned on and she knew it. She was like a drug. I didn't just want her, I needed her. Not in a sexual way, but just generally. I just needed her. And she knew it.

"Come on, we can wander around the ferry now." Zayn came up and patted my back. I turned around to face him and we walked off the bus and up the stairs on the side. We then wandered around until we found everyone sitting in some chairs looking out the windows. Ruby smirked at me and I playfully glared.

"Come with me." I whispered in Ruby's ear. She shivered and I took her hand, leading her away from the others. They gave us questioning looks but I shook my head and carried on walking. As we rounded the corner I entwined our fingers and she smiled. We got to a massive heavy door and I pushed it open with my free arm and let her through, letting go of her hand to bow and say, "After you madame." She giggled and curtsied before stepping through. I chuckled and closer the door before taking her hand and walking along. We were outside on the deck an she gasped at the sight. The stars were out as it was now 8:30pm so the moonlight reflected on the rippling water creating the most amazing scene ever as the land disappeared from view. She leant against the railing with her back to me and I walked up behind putting my hands either side of her, on the railing, and pressed my chest against her back so there was barely any distance between us. She leant back so she was leaning on me and her head fell onto the join where my shoudler an chest were. I smiled and kissed her forhead. It was amazing and I just wanted to capture this moment and live it over and over forvever.

We heard the click of a camera and turned to see Harry sneeking around with a camera and Zayn next to him. And just like that, the moment was ruined. Ruby stuck her tongue at them and they did the same. She turned around in my arms so she was facing me as they walked away again. The camera continued to click from the other side now but we ignored it and eventually it stopped. I started into her green eyes and she did the same with mine and I really hoped they showed what I was thinking. How much I fricking love her. We both leant in and just as our lips were about to connect there was tapping on the window behind and muffled shouts. We both looked around to see the boys and Bella making smoochy faces and then Harry and Louis pretended to snog. I rolled my eyes and Ruby giggled. Way to ruin the moment guys.

Ruby took my hand and pulled me the opposite way we had come. I pulled open the door for her again and before the boys could catch up she pulled my hand and we started running upstairs. We were both laughing and we could hear the pounding of feet down the coridoor behind us. We looked back and saw Louis, Harry and Zayn catching up. Where were Niall and Bella...? Before I could dwell on it Ruby tugged me sideways and we were in some kind of closet. I flicked on the switch as she locked the door. Around us were supplies such as blankets and spare parts etc. Ruby pressed me against the wall and kissed me hard. I was shocked at first but kissed back. Before I knew it we were both naked, lying on a couple of the blankets on the floor with one on top of us. I think you can guess why...


I was buttoning up my shirt as Ruby was tying her red converse shoe laces. When she stood up I ran my fingers through her dark brown curls to get the knots out and then she unlocked the door. We walked out to see Harry sitting against the wall opposite and Louis leaning against the wall next to the door along with Zayn the other side of the door. Ruby cursed under her breath and I froze.

"We win." Louis stated before jumping on Ruby and tickling her. She started to scream and laugh and begged him to stop but then Harry joined him and she had no hope. I just kind of watched as she couldn't stop laughing. I was enchanted by the sound of it. Zayn was smirking and I looked up to see him looking at me. I started to back away to be met by the wall.

"Don't think you could get away with it that easily did you?" I gulped and screamed as Bella and Niall came out and all three of them started throwing water bombs at me. By the time they were done I was drenched. Ruby looked up from where she was on the floor since Louis and Harry stopped tickling her and busrt into her fit of giggled all over again. I shook my hair - what there was of it - and managed to get get Zayn. Niall threw one last water bomb at me but I caught it and before he could respong I threw it straight at Zayn's hair. It flopped down from the hairspray and he stood there with his hair dripping and his shirt getting drenched as the water ran down, with his mouth wide open in an 'O' shape. I burst out laughing as did everyone else. When we calmed down I got a couple of towels from the cupboard we had been in and wrapped one around my soaked body and Zayn put one around his shoudlers. I started shivering and we walked away.

We were sat on the seats talking and I still had the towel but Ruby sat in my lap and let me wrap my arms around her warm body so I wasn't as cold. Bella and Niall also seemed to be getting quite close. This was going to be an amazing tour.




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