Yellow daisy

Bella a 18 year old is running away from her past life she is being hunted by the worlds most escaped prisoners and he out for blood......
Will she be able to escape him? She has done it once can she do it again.


1. Past life

I'm running as fast as I can. All I can think is you have to get away, you have to get away. I look behind me and I see him coming closer, he's moving in for the kill. I know this is the end. But he won't kill me fast. He will do its low and painfully. He's going to saw of all my body piece by piece, then he's going to poison me. When he's done with that then he will do stuff I don't even want to think of....

As I'm running I look back, I see his face. His once kind face, all scared and filled with hatred. How could this man who once loved and cared for me so much be out to kill me. How could he. I thought he loved me. As I look back I think. What happened to my father?
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