why me

its about a girl who falls in love with a boy,but finds out his true feelings (bad)

and finds out that HER true feelings are put to his friend,ethan

this is a true story but some of its made up..

if u wanna know the full story then ( not all,its too personal)
then text me on kik: amylou2001 or email: amyg2001@hotmail.co.uk


2. is it THAT moment?

oh,hi. im emily. i am nearly 12 . and, i am deeply in love <3....he is called robbie. i only moved here about   5-6 months. i moved schools too.  but,i met robbie before i moved schools. we was at the park.he was pushing me on some swings.i dont really think that he likes me though.we only talk now and then......


right at this exact same moment, i am in school,watching the clock because it is only 2 minuites till break time.

(2 mins later)

i race outside,and race to the swings( in real life there is no swings,but just go with it)  the next one to the swings,was one of my best friends,cameron.she just plopped next to  me. and we just started talking about,odd,random stuff. then, out of the blue,my friend,abbie pops up, and says "amy! cameron!  but still...mostly amy come here!" abbie said excitedly. "what? calm down! your going red! " i say arkwardly.

"well...you know you have fancied robbie for about 7 or 8 months now? well, we have found his secret about you!" she said, very fastly.i look at her, mouth open kinda shaped like an O. " well.come on then! dont just stand there!" she said, grabbing my hand,and then camerons.


what will happen next?


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