why me

its about a girl who falls in love with a boy,but finds out his true feelings (bad)

and finds out that HER true feelings are put to his friend,ethan

this is a true story but some of its made up..

if u wanna know the full story then ( not all,its too personal)
then text me on kik: amylou2001 or email: amyg2001@hotmail.co.uk


1. daydreaming...

there i was, daydreaming about my dream guy, robbie. in my dream i was dreaming about me and him holding hands on the beach....

"emily?" my maths teacher yelled at me.i snapped out of that crazy thing . " what,sorry miss?" i say tiredly  "what was the answer to number 24?" she said, raising one eyebrow....." umm..oh! the answer, 6 times 37=222" i say shyly.  " good"  she says and i quickly sink back in my chair.


this is chapter one. it is pretty random, but i hope you all like it :)  XD!

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