Back Again (Taken sequel)

Em is back with Niall and the rest of the boys. Phil and Steve are locked up. And the boy's have met Simon Cowell and have signed them! Everything is great, and everyone thinks that nothing can go wrong. The boys are rich and famous. They are going on tour and there is nothing to worry about...maybe...


1. The past 2 years

My name is Emily Horan. My brother is Niall Horan, yes the same Niall Horan as in One Direction. A lot has happened in the past 2 years. I escaped from my crazy abusive father Phil, and found my brother and his mates. I got kidnapped again by Phil and his brother Steve. I got some pretty deep cuts during that but the good news is that Phil and Steve are in jail and will be for a very long time. The boys and I all live together, and it's a lot of fun! Although it can be a bit awkward at times because my boyfriend Louis Tomlinson. I'm not blaming him but I will admitt that the other boys all fancy me and Niall just wants to keep me 'safe'. But it's a lot of fun.

Now how they got to be famous; The boys decided to enter a local singing competition as a band. They were just doing it for laughs but they were really good and actually won first place. Word got out about the "five singing idiots" and about a month later Simon Cowell was one our front doorstep ready to sign One Direction. Harry came up with the name, isn't it a great name? That was about a year and a half ago and now they are going on tour in America! They have become such a massive success that every teenage girl in the world would die if they got the chance to meet them.

I guess I'm just lucky. My brother is Niall. My boyfriend is Louis. And my best mates are Harry (the cheeky one), Zayn the vain, and Liam (Daddy Direction). And the best part is that I get to go on tour with them.

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