Back Again (Taken sequel)

Em is back with Niall and the rest of the boys. Phil and Steve are locked up. And the boy's have met Simon Cowell and have signed them! Everything is great, and everyone thinks that nothing can go wrong. The boys are rich and famous. They are going on tour and there is nothing to worry about...maybe...


4. Spain

I woke up and looked around the small space. There was no light coming in. I rolled over onto my side and opened up the small window. We were stopped in front of a large round arena. There were a few people scattered around outside, they were probably all fans or Directioners as they named themselves. I smiled and rolled out of the bunk. All of the other bunks were pulled closed, even Paul's. I tiptoed out of the sleeping area and outside to my bag that was stored underneath. I pulled out some jean shorts and a plain red tank-top and walked back into the bus to get a shower.

I wrapped the towel around my wet hair to help dry it. I quickly got dressed and walked out of the bathroom and put my pj’s on my bunk. Everyone still seemed to be asleep so I decided I would make breakfast. I walked over to the mini fridge but there was nothing but soda’s, candy, and a carton of milk. I pulled out the milk and went to search the cupboards for cereal. I found a box of cereal and some bowels so I filled up the bowel with cereal and milk and sat down at the table to eat. A moment later Louis came walking out from the sleeping area. His hair was all messed up and he stretched his arms as he walked towards me.

“Hey babe,” he said as he came up and gave me a kiss on the cheek and grabbed a bowel to make himself some cereal. “How’d you sleep?” he asked as he sat down next to me.

“Like a baby,” I said. Louis laughed a bit. “What’s so funny?” I asked.

“I’ve never understood that expression,” Louis said. “If you’ve ever been around a baby, they wake up all the time either to be fed and changed. So basically you had a really crappy sleep, literally,” Louis said as he smiled at me. It was my turn to laugh.

A few minutes later the rest of the boys slowly filed out of the sleeping area. Paul came out first and made everyone get up for rehearsals. All the boys took quick showers and we snuck over to the arena without getting spotted. Paul showed the boys around backstage and they started rehearsing. I watched from backstage and decided to wander around. I found a door that led to the main entrance to the arena and saw hundreds of girls standing outside, waiting for One Direction. A news team was filming from the inside where I was and they turned around when all the girls started screaming when they saw me. One of the guys from the news team walked over to me.

“HI my name is Britney; I’m a local news anchor. Your best friends with One Direction, Em Horan, right? Could we interview you?” the girl asked. I agreed and she motioned over her camera man. “We have with us right now Em Horan, who is currently touring with One Direction,” Britney said into the camera. I smiled at the camera. “Now Em, tell us how you met the boys,”

“Well Niall is my brother and I moved in with him about 2 years ago after I hadn’t seen him in a while and the night I got there I met the boys. We are all really good friends now,” I said.

“And you live with all of them, correct?” Britney asked and I nodded my head. “How is it living with 5 teenage boys?”

“To be honest its very chaotic, but it’s also a lot of fun. They are all competitive so they get into arguments a lot about games and there is always something going on. But it’s a lot of fun, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else,” I answered.

“And are you looking forward to America?”

“I am very excited. I’ve always wanted to go to America, and now I get to go there with my five best friends,” I said. Britney closed the interview and thanked me. I walked back to where the boys were and saw that they were on their last song. I walked up onto the stage just as the boys finished singing their new song Live While Were Young.

“Hey Em!” they all shouted.

“Wanna go get some food and explore?” Louis asked. “We can have a little date in Spain,” Louis whispered to me. I smiled.

“Sound’s good to me, but we have to have a date when were in Paris,” I said and Louis laughed.

“Oh I already have something planned for that,” Louis said as he kissed me. Louis grabbed my hand and we walked outside to find somewhere to eat.

A few hours later Louis and I walked back to the areana. It was 5:00 and the concert was going to start at 7:00. We had to sneak in cause of all the fans still waiting outside for the boys to come say hi. When we were in the building Louis decided to tease the fans. He went out to the front doors were all the girls were waiting outside and stood there. When all the fans saw Louis they started screaming. I laughed.

"Come on BooBear, you gotta get dressed. It's not nice to tease the fans," I scolded Louis but we both knew that I was kidding. Louis smiled at me and walked back stage to wear the boys were all changing.

It was now 6:30 and you could hear the roar of all the fans in the auditoriam. They were all chanting One Direction, One Direction. I smiled at the sound of them. At five minutes til 7 the countdown started. They clips of the boys running around came up and all the girls started screaming. They were getting more and more excited. At 7;:00 the boys ran out on stage and the entire place shook from all the sreaming.

A few hours later the concert was over. All the boys were hyped up on energy. We had made our way back to the tour bus and Paul told us to go to bed but we were all too excited. I opened up the mini-fridge and pulled out a Dr Pepper and sat down on the couch next to Louis. The boys popped in a video game, I'm not even sure which on it was, and started playing. I didn't even mind. I sat next to Louis and watched the boys as they started to play, which led into arguing which soon ended up with everyone on the floor attacking each other. It was hilarious.

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