Back Again (Taken sequel)

Em is back with Niall and the rest of the boys. Phil and Steve are locked up. And the boy's have met Simon Cowell and have signed them! Everything is great, and everyone thinks that nothing can go wrong. The boys are rich and famous. They are going on tour and there is nothing to worry about...maybe...


7. Interview

Paul had to sneak us all in through the back of the radio station cause their were so many fans. And as we walked through the hall of the station we could hear the fans yelling outside. A tall skinny man with short brown hair walked up to us.

"Hello, I'm Dave," he said as he introduced himself. "Ready?" he asked. All the boys nodded eagerly. I had heard them in interviews, and they always had so much fun. I had never been part of one, and I was a bit nervous. Dave led us into a room with a simi-round table with 7 mics were at. Dave took his seat and we all took ours. I sat between Niall and Louis. Louis took my hand as Dave started to count down.

"5...4...3...2... Hello and welcome to Radio Now 89.7!" Dave yelled. "We are here today with One Direction and the lovely Emily Horan. Say hi guys," he said. We all said hi. "So how is tour going so far? This is your first day in America?" he asked.

"Yea its our first day here, and so far tour has been absolutely brilliant," Liam answered.

"Great, have you gotten to do anything fun yet? Cause there's plenty of stuff to do here," Dave said.

"No, we haven't done too much yet. We can't really go out because of the fans, we might get mobbed or something," Zayn said.

"We did go out to eat last night, and brought it back to the hotel," Niall said.

"And where did you eat?" Dave asked.

"McDonald's," Louis answered. Everyone laughed.

"Of all the places here, and you chose McDonald's?" Dave laugh's.

"Well Zayn, Lou and Em were still at the hotel. We didn't want to leave them out," Harry said in his deep raspy voice.

"Good friends," Dave said. "Now about the fans. How are they?"

"Oh their brilliant!" Liam said.

"Everywhere we go their there, it can be a bit annoying. But its just fun to see you have support," Zayn said.

"And they put so much effort into us too," Harry laughed.

"Like last week, anyone else see the giant light up sign so girl had. She was up way high but you could see it all the way from the stage," Louis said.

"Now we only have a few minutes left, and I want to talk to you Em," Dave said as he looked at me. "Now tell the truth here, how is it living with 5 boys? Cause I grew up with 3 and it was havoc," Dave laughed. I laughed too and then answered.

"You know, they are all very active and competitive boys," I said. "And we do banter, we banter quite a bit. But in the end we are all best friends. And it's a lot of fun living with them. Something is going on and there's never a dull moment," I say.

"What's the craziest thing that has ever happened with the boys?" Dave asked. I paused. I could say a lot of things, but I don't think they boys would want their secrets out.

"I'll have to get back with you, there's too many to think of to just say one," I said. Dave laugh's and says that that was the last question. We all say goodbye and then head back to the hotel.

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