1. Going mad

I thought everyone had gone mad with all this talk about the end of the world. They said that on the 21st of december in the year of 2012 the entire human race would be wiped out. But guess what, I'm still here. But that doesn't mean the world didn't end. It did. Little did I realize that their words were nothing short of the truth.

As we sat in classroom, the dim light found its way though the blinds and I stared out of the window absentmindedly.

'Hey guys.' I hear, 'Its the end of the world tonight.' they joke. I glance away. I'm not interested in their loud, pointless conversation. I run my hand over the spine of the book slowly and I try to focus my attention on the words on the page but the singing distracts me.

'It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine...' reaches my ears and I look in my bag for my headphones. With little succes I plug my fingers into my ears and try once more to make sense of the words that swim around on the page before me like fish in the ocean.

The rest of the day proved to be as uneventful as the last and I spent time writing down endless homework in my diary and staring at the clock as the minutes dragged by. Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, the bell rang and there was a clatter of chairs being pulled back as everyone made their way home.

'See you all on moday.' I called to my friends as they rumaged around in their lockers.

'If we don't all die.' they joked. I rolled my eyes and continued on my way. I was distracted today and as people rushed past me I felt a sense of tranquility rush over me and I felt as though I was in my own little bubble.

The car door shut and was squashed in the back with 3 other people. The car was smaller than I had anticipated and I barely had enough room to pull of my trainers and change into my riding boots.

The smell of the horses reached my nose before I saw them and I quickened my pace as I saw the dark brown horse who answered to the name of mocca. I stroked his muzzle gently as he blew warm air onto my fingers. I sighed happily and made my way through the stables to where his saddle was kept. There was no place I felt more free than where the wind was blowing in my face and my feet firmly in the stirups of the saddle. I could let my mind wander and I savoured the moment for how was I to know it would be the last time I would ever experience such a feeling again.

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