Dancing Devil

passions,vices, effects.


1. six vices

Mind creates hell

Evil comes to dwell

Devil takes its abode

Passions and vices bestrode.

Desire and anger

greed and lust

vanity and envy

evil the devil dances wild.

The true enemies to human

are the six vices in common.

Desire the root of passions

virtuous gives fame

vicious brings shame

unfulfilled becomes bane.

Anger the terrible passion

makes one a monster

turns the face lovely

to the point ugly.

Actions not seen in true light

discrimination lost to sight

horrid barbarities war attrocities

toppled nations in blind ferocity.

Awareness of the anger

conscious of its effects

censure of the mood in silence

keep the rage in control.

Greed turns to sick devilry

blinds the reason utterly

blunts the conscience entirely

nags the brain constantly.

The worst form of mental disease

insatiable thirst for more and more

narrow mind and rotten heart

adopt the ways no more right.

Appreciation of bright side

contentment in one's mind

realisation of the sick trend

provide as means to mend.

Lust makes a beast of the man

love makes an angel of the beast

lust craves for forbidden

love sacrifices for right reason.

Envy looks always at faults

knows neither sleep nor peace

love and humbleness as its merits

keeps the pace neat and nice.

Vanity takes the ego to its heights

revels in its good traits

ignores flaws at its best

self analysis as remedy is perfect.

Evil the dancing devil rules wild

if one fails to keep his mind in hold.

Passions are to be mastered over

if serenity has to be restored ever.





















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