Jack, Johnny, and Lucifer

Dean Winchester and his brother Sam, are nothing but ordinary brothers, they hunt demons, but what happens when Dean falls for Alexandria, a beautiful, head strong girl who is as mysterious as anything he has ever hunted?


3. The Morning After

           She slowly wiggled into her pants and grabbed her high heels off of the stained carpet before she opened the hotel room door and walked out into the hotel parking lot. She threw her high heels into the back of her Corvette before throwing her long blonde hair into a messy ponytail then pulling her shirt up over her head, and replacing it with a black tank top. She popped a cigarette in her mouth and lit it.

          "So, you're the girl he took to bed last night?" 

          She turned around to see a tall man leaning against the black Impala, sipping out of cheap cup. 

          "And you are?" She said as she inhaled.

          "Oh, I'm Sam," He said with a small smile.

          "Alexandria," She returned the smile. "But you can call me Andi."

          He grinned at her as he got a gun out of the passenger seat of the car. She didn't flinch, she just watched as he walked over to her. He handed the gun to her, and nodded, "I think this belongs to you."

         She grabbed it and placed it in the back of her jeans, "Thanks." She threw her cigarette on the ground and looked up at Sam, "Well, I guess I'm gonna get going."

         He nodded his head and watched her as she got into her black Corvette and drove off.



        "Hello, Doctor Marshall?" Alexandria walked into the doctor's office and sat down in the seat across from the desk. 

        "Yes, and you are...?"

        "Agent Lisa Stephens, can you tell me about the Erickson brothers?" 

        The doctor furrowed his eyebrows and set down the files that he held in his bony hands, "Well, um, Asher Erickson died of internal bleed while Liam died of--"

        "Dr. Marshall?" 

        Alexandria turned her head to see Dean and Sam standing in the doorway of the office. The doctor looked between Alexandria and the two boys.



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