Jack, Johnny, and Lucifer

Dean Winchester and his brother Sam, are nothing but ordinary brothers, they hunt demons, but what happens when Dean falls for Alexandria, a beautiful, head strong girl who is as mysterious as anything he has ever hunted?


2. Shiner

         "A shot of Jack for me as well as a Shiner, and a Sex on The Beach for the lady," Dean stated with confidence as he order the drinks at the bar. 

         "Uh, no," Alexandria spoke up with an angry look on her face, "Make that a shot of Johnny, and a Shiner as well."

         The bartender nodded his head and walked away as he fetched them their drinks. Alexandria's grabbed a pack of cigarettes from her coat pocket and popped a cigarette in between her lips. She lit it quickly and inhaled. "Can I have my gun now?" She asked Dean. 

        He shook his head as he took the shot of Jack that the bartender set down in front of him. She furrowed her brows and followed in Dean's footsteps by taking the shot of Johnny. She lightly tapped her toes to the music that played throughout the smoke filled bar. 

        Dean took a swig of Shiner, and watched her body lightly sway to the music, "Would you like to--?"


        "Are you su--?"

        "Pretty sure," She stated without even glancing at him.

        He smiled towards her and watched her drink her beer with ease. The bartender came up to Alexandria and set an Appletini in front of her, "This is from the man down the bar."

         She turned her eyes to the scruffy man that sat down the way. "Gross," She whispered under her breath, after downing the Appletini, She asked for another Shiner, then turned her body to Dean.

          "Do you want to dance?" She asked Dean with a smirk on her face.

           He gave her a questioning look before grabbing her hand and leading her to the small dance floor. He put his hand on the small of her back and swayed with her to the crappy music. She grabbed his hand and moved it below her waist. He looked down into her large eyes, and slammed his lips on to hers. She moaned lightly against his lips and moved her hands to the back of his neck. Her body pressed hard against his while he moved his hands up and down her back. 

           Again, she moaned. He smirk against her lips, and pulled away from her, "Let's go to my hotel room."

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