Jack, Johnny, and Lucifer

Dean Winchester and his brother Sam, are nothing but ordinary brothers, they hunt demons, but what happens when Dean falls for Alexandria, a beautiful, head strong girl who is as mysterious as anything he has ever hunted?


1. Colts and Introductions

          Her plump lips formed perfectly around the thin cigarette that was secured between her index and middle finger. She inhaled deeply, and let her lungs fill with white smoke. She slowly exhaled, let the thin smoke escape into the midnight air.

          Her delicate fingers traced the ink stained letters on the thin piece of paper she held in her hands. She quickly folded the the paper and placed it in the back of her jean pocket. She slowly took another drag of her cigarette, before throwing it on the concrete and stepping it out with her black high heels.

         The sound of a purring car engine came to a halt from behind her. She slowly turned around to come face to face with bright lights. They quickly turned off becoming as black as the sky above her. Her eyes tried to adjust themselves to the figure in front of her, but her ears heard a deep voice instead, "That's a nice looking car."

          "Thanks," She replied as she placed her hand on the gun she had tucked into the front of her jeans. She nodded her head toward the black Impala that sat in front of her, "Yours?"

            He smirked at the car, and nodded his head, "You going in for a drink?" He asked as he motioned towards the bar in front of them.

          "Yeah," She shrugged her shoulders then walked towards the door of the bar.

           "Wait, wait, wait!" The man ran in front of her to stop her in her tracks.

           "What?" She asked with a smug look plastered across her delicate face.

            He slowly place his hand on her waist and pulled the gun from the front of her pants. He shook it in front of her face while he smirked at her. Her eyebrows furrowed and she quickly grabbed a second gun tucked away against the small of her back. She pointed the loaded gun at him with her index finger on the trigger, "Who are you?"

           He held up his hands and dropped the first gun that he grabbed from her jeans. "A second one?" He asked in a mocking tone. She adjusted her hands on the gun and rolled her shoulders back. A grin slowly crept across her face, "Why wouldn't I carry more than one on me?" She stated.

          A laugh crackled through his perfect lips, and with one swift motion he grabbed a gun and pointed it straight at her, "I couldn't agree more. Now, what's your name?"

         She swallowed deeply, "Alexandria. Your turn."

         "Dean," The word fell from his mouth beautifully,

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