Percy Jackson Fan Stories!

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2. Not requested

-Annabeth Potter

Sophie Gray walked down the hall of her school. She went to a special school beacuse ofher ADHD and Dislexia. Her best friend Devin was handycapped. Then as she walked in to her math class when Devin ran up to her and told her to follow him. They ran down the halls then out of the school. Just then the fire alarm went off and kids all filed out of the school. Devin and Sophie kept running. They stopped at Sophie's house and Devin told her mom that they had to go. Sophie grabed a small bag her mom had packed and left. "Where are we going Devin?!?!?!?!" Sophie asked when they had gotten in to a small cab. " No time we need to go now, to camp ladies." Devin responded. Then Sophie relized who was driving the cab, three ladies with one eye. Not one eye each, but one eye between the three of them. Then she thought wait what is camp? " We are here." Devin said. "Where De we are where?!?!?!" Sophie said." Camp Soph we are at camp." Devin said. they ran up the hill to see one of the mostbreath taking sights ever. Camp Half-Blood. They ran down the hill towoards the camp. "This is your new permenant home." Dev told Soph. " Welcome, young warior I am Chiron, Trainer of all greek heros."Chiron said. " I wonder who her father is?" Dev said after kicking of his pants and fake feet. Wait, what, fake feet? Ang woah got legs. This was the weirdest day ever for Sophie. Then a bright light flashed and the lyre,Symbol of apollo, apeared. "WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?!?!" Sophie demanded. " Devin its finaly time to realese the truth." Chiron said.

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