Am I in love ( Maddys story )

When maddy a young actor and dancer Auditions for the new one direction music her life instantly changes but she has to choose between her best friend Jason or Harry styles


8. Wait wait your my

So I get to the park at 3 and wait by the Big pond then my phone rings Its Harry so I pick " hey babe where are you" he said I little worried " oh I am " all of the Sudden someone grabs my from behind I drop my phone and start to scream It went dark

I wake up on a bed hard as a rock with hand cuffs on and I see Jason he is all beat up he head is bleeding all he looks dead I run over to him and he wakes up " Jason are you ok " I hug him so tight. " maddy " he say holding my face then before I now he kisses me " we're have you been " I ask " here after the funeral for your mom this man he took me and was asking questions about you but I did not say anything" he says he starting to cry now " maddy I have had a crush on you since the 5th grade " he says now he is fulling crying " I never wanted anything bad to happen to you and" he crying very hard now " when I found out about your dad I didn't want to tell you because I now it would hurt you and-" I stop him " my dad he is dead he died when I was in 7th grade what are you talking about" then a man walks in " hello maddy" the man says its sound so Familiar " dad " I say " haha you catch on fast a smart one you are just like your mother " he says laughing " wait wait your my dad" I say shocked I can't believe this " I thought you were died"
" no I faked my death so I did not have to deal with your mother and you! You and your stupid boy crushes uh I am so glad I killed your mother!" He says now I am angry but scared " you killed my mom! Why she thought you where dead" I didn't get a chance when some man came in the room saying " he's here " " great bring the girl " my dad said so the man picks my up and I start screaming and Jason got up and tried to stop the man but the man just pushed him down and I start to cry.

The man took me to a big room were Harry was sitting there with no hand cuffs on he look kind of up set the man slammed me down In a chair and he jumped up " don't hurt her " he says my dad walks in " good job Harry your really good " my dad say to Harry " what you work for my dad " I say crying its all makes Sence now why Harry ask me out and stud me up so I would call Jason and when I would get home and find my mom that's how he there so fast he just Used me this hole time before I new it Harry was untying me my dad was knocked out " what are you doing " I ask he kisses me " don't worry love I am saving you"
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