Am I in love ( Maddys story )

When maddy a young actor and dancer Auditions for the new one direction music her life instantly changes but she has to choose between her best friend Jason or Harry styles


2. The show stopper

The door opens and Jason walks in and all I can do is let out a big sigh "what was that for " he asks. "I Am just glad your not my mom." I say laughing "well ready to go" he says. " yes I am" I say hoping we will not run into my mom when we leave. We start to walk out when my mom comes up behind me and says " maddy don't stay out to late you have something very special tomorrow." "what?" I ask " you are Auditioning for a one direction music video tomorrow." "What" I shout " you now I hate big time celebrity's And Especially OneDirection." "Well maybe you should of thought of that before your big show earlier." She says with angry Tone. "Ugh" I say as she walks back in side " I new I could not get away that easy." I say with a sad tone "why do you hate auditioning for music Videos your a very good dancer mads and you love to dance" he says "well it's not the dancing it's the celebrity's the just stuck up freaks plus one direction is worse because the richer the most celebs and you now it's hard for me jas" I say sadly. "Well I would love to do something like that someday but I have football for the first time tomorrow" he said exciting " wow football new hobby" I say with a laugh.
Before I now it it's tomorrow and And I am at the music video try outs and I think I am about to die these girls are so weird there screaming every five seconds and one looks like she is about to pass out. Then the door opens and we walk in and there are five boys that look very familiar and one of them will not stop staring at me I don't really now who he is but he is kind of cute then the music starts and we start to dance
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