Am I in love ( Maddys story )

When maddy a young actor and dancer Auditions for the new one direction music her life instantly changes but she has to choose between her best friend Jason or Harry styles


1. The beginning

" maddy" get down here my mom shouted to me from Stage. " coming " I said running to her. " now that every one is here we can start, now tonight is our last Performance of Beauty and the beast, now Beauty " my mom Ann said pointing to me "your All ready for tonight's right." "Yes " I said with a smile. "Now Jason are you ready" "yes of Course I am your beast right." Jason said with a laugh and I laughed to. " ok you to go practice your lines" my mom said. So we go over into the corner and grabbed my guitar and started playing one of my favorite song. " you now were supposed to be practicing our lines" Jason said with laugh " oh whatever I now all my lines I have done this play three hundred times and my guitar needs a work out." I say with a attitude. "Why don't you play guitar in Intermission tonight and shock every one with your awesome Skills" Jason said mockingly. " well " I said think about what song I should do. "Oh no did I give you a idea" he said knowing there's no stopping me now because I am the kind of girl who does things Even if there's no change of it happening. I give him a look " are you kidding me your mom would never let you do that" he says " well she doesn't have to now " I say with a laugh before I now it it's intermission and I am playing my song and I see my mom in the back of the room staring at me with her eyes that she gets when she mad before I now it' it's closing Curtain and we all walk of stage and i am brushing my long golden curls think of what's going to happen when she walks in the door then Suddenly the door opens

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