Am I in love ( Maddys story )

When maddy a young actor and dancer Auditions for the new one direction music her life instantly changes but she has to choose between her best friend Jason or Harry styles


5. I was so stupid

The studio is empty no one to be found so I call Jason and tell him to come pick me up because I don't want to go home to my mom. Jason got down to the studio really fast and he found me crying out front " hey what's wrong what happened " he asked so I tell him about the hole day " oh mads I am am so sorry " he says " I am so stupid to believe that Harry would want to go out with me" I say crying " I now what will make you feel better " he grabs my hand And we get into his car and he hands me my guitar and we drive to time square that is are favorite place to go. " now I think your guitar needs a work out " he's laughing so I get out of the car and head to the middle of Times Square where I started to play 22 by Taylor swift and people start sing along then this guy ask if I could play one direction what makes you beautiful for his girlfriend and before I new it i had made $50 dallors " what are we going to do with all this money mads " Jason asks me I look around and saw a old hobo and gave him the money " you and you boyfriend are so sweet " the hobo says " oh now were not together" I say " well boy don't let this pretty lady slip away " the old hobo says and I blush and we walk before I new it we were holding hands and then we walk to my door I told him thank you and then he kissed me and I felt the same way I felt with Harry then I walk in my house and it looked like its been robbed
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