Am I in love ( Maddys story )

When maddy a young actor and dancer Auditions for the new one direction music her life instantly changes but she has to choose between her best friend Jason or Harry styles


3. He's Harry freakin styles

Well I got in of course my mom is getting good with this punishment stuff. "Ugh" one girl says I "can't believe that ugly pig got In and I didn't and did you see how Harry was staring at her " was she talking about I bet not. then someone with a really big Jacket cover his face taps me one the shoulder I turn around " yes " I say with a attitude " um please follow me we need to your papers in order for the music video" the man says so I follow him to a room in the back of the studio were there are four boys from the audition sitting but where was the cute one that was staring at me. Then the man took of his jacket and it was the cute one who was staring at me I really need to get his name. " Ello there " one oh the boys says "I am Louis and you are" "oh I am Madison faith bates" I say uh why did I say my full name stupid then the other boys introduce them selfs " I am zayn " I am Niall " and I am Liam" and then it was the cute boys turn " Ello I am Harry" that name shoulders very Familiar I wonder where I have heard it. Then all oh them say "hi we're one direction." "Oh so your one direction " I say and everything about Harry left me. " so not as cute as I thought" I quickly cover my mouth did I just say that out loud. Niall gave me a paper with all the info in it and I they said I could go. When I got home I called Jason and told him every thing and I ask how football went " can u believe I said that I rather try football and you can go be in there stupid music video" I said to Jason " hey it's not that bad you should be going to bed don't you want to be at least rested before your big day view tomorrow he says jokingly and we both laugh and I head to be think about what happened today and that I thought Harry was cute " ugh Harry freakin styles " I say as I fall asleep
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