Am I in love ( Maddys story )

When maddy a young actor and dancer Auditions for the new one direction music her life instantly changes but she has to choose between her best friend Jason or Harry styles


4. Before I new it we were kissing

So I wake and head to the studio where the music video was being filmed and the there was one direction standing right there " maddy come here " Harry's says. So I walk over to him and he shows me the plans for the I would music " we have to kiss is that alright" he says " yea that's fine"I say I really don't want to kiss but I have to as punishment " we'll we should get started" I heard the director say " let's start with the kiss scene maddy and Harry ready" before I now I am kissing Harry and I feel safe like nothing else can hurt me and I don't want it to end then Harry pulls away and the director says good and calls the others boy with there girls they have to kiss. I am standing in the corner think about what I just have Been through and Harry walks over " would like to go out to dinner tonight maddy" "sure " I say " great be here at seven" then he kisses me on the cheek and walks away. We finish the day and I head home to get ready to go out with Harry I get all dressed and then my phone rings and its Jason so I pick up " hey mads how was your day" "uh um good" I can't tell him about the kiss with Harry or about our dinner tonight " uh you ok mads." "Yea sorry I have to go bye" I hang up really fast and I head down were I meant Harry. I walk into the studio and found that its empty no one to be seen
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