Styling Up My Life (13+)

Melissa Lawrence is just a normal girl... Except she's a backup singer for One Direction. She has always hating Harry ever since she met him. But will she see the real him? Will there be lust or love with them? She can't stand him. But he can stand her. He's always had his beautiful eyes on her.
13+ for language, a bit of SMUT, and some crude humor.
Hope you enjoy!!! :) xx


1. Prologue

Mine and his clothes are everywhere. We have a love/hate relationship but whatever. I hated him with a burning passion but look at us now. We're having a 'no strings attached' time right now. He just got me soo agitated and God would I have killed him. He was my worst frenemy ever. Those sparkling emerald eyes, the curly chocolate sex hair, the cute dimples, the well-known smile... Ugh! I couldn't resist him anymore. Unfortunately, I'm forced to work with him. Him as the one and only Harry Styles. I'm a soon-to-be-superstar. Well, shit. I'm not even close. But I'm trying to get up there somehow. My name is Melissa Lawrence. I have long brown hair, blue eyes, a GREAT fucking personality and I work with five homosexuals. I love all of them but one. Harry Styles. My "career" started on June 13th, 2011. I used to sing some covers of songs on Youtube but then one day I got an email from Syco, which is Simon Cowell's company. I started flipping the fuck out! I literally couldn't breathe. How many people could say that they got a email from Simon Cowell? About 1 in a million more likely. The letter sounded like this,"Hello! You should come and work with us! You have a great talent! Come and work with a shithead and four boys! We'd love to meet you! Now contact us if you want a life in hell!". Well woopy-fucking-do. I'm now literally living in hell. All because of a little twat named Harry Styles.
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