Styling Up My Life (13+)

Melissa Lawrence is just a normal girl... Except she's a backup singer for One Direction. She has always hating Harry ever since she met him. But will she see the real him? Will there be lust or love with them? She can't stand him. But he can stand her. He's always had his beautiful eyes on her.
13+ for language, a bit of SMUT, and some crude humor.
Hope you enjoy!!! :) xx


9. Chapter 8

Harry's POV

We arrived at the hospital. I was holding on to Mel's hand for dear life. The driver stop the car near the ER. He came around the truck and opened the doors.

"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to wait in the waiting room.", the driver told me.

"What? I can't leave her side. Please.", I begged.

"I'm sorry, sir. But no one can be with her, except the doctor and nurse.", he stated.

I really can't stay away from her. She needs me right now. She needs support. My support. But it's their rules and now I gotta follow them. I nodded at him then stared at the ground in disappointment. 

"Now, I'm gonna have to ask you to go to the waiting room. Alright?"

"Ok.", I said as I made my way to the ER. The doors welcoming my presence as I walked into the sad and gloomy room. I sat in a chair and waited. Feeling the tears well up into my eyes. The front doors opened again. I see Mel's gurney move quickly across the room. The tears then started to come out. I swear to god, I haven't cried in a long time. Why the hell now then? I guess you can say that I was scared. Yeah, I fancy Melissa but she would never like me back. I wiped the salty tears on the sleeve of my blazer. I decided to text Louis to see where he was.

To: Boobear <3 :)

Hey where are you guys??

A few seconds later, he replied.

From: Boobear <3 :)

Well let's just say that Niall got hungry and wanted to get something to eat. Lol. But, we'll be there in a few. Is there anything you need?

Niall doesn't really handle these situation that well. Haha.

To: Boobear <3 :)

Nah. I'm fine. And damn Niall -.-" he could have atleast waited till he got here!

From: Boobear <3 :)

He says that hospital food tastes shitty lol.

To: Boobear <3 :)

-.-" oh well! Just get here as soon as you can. Ok? Love ya

From: Boobear <3 :)

No worries. We'll be there ASAP you cheeky bastard ;) love ya too XX

I silently chuckled at myself. Oh Louis, you always brighten up my days with you humor. I look my right and see a guy sit next to me. He has his head in his hands. His leg was shaking in nervousness. He looks at me straight in the eyes.

"You alright there, bud?", I spoke.

"Not really. My girlfriend is going into labor right now.", he said.

"First?", I questioned him. He nodded his head.

"Yeah. Wait a second... Aren't you from that band? Uh... One Direction was it?", he asked.

"Haha. Yeah that's me. I'm Harry Styles.", I informed him.

"Oh wait a second! My girlfriend has you on her wall at her house! Haha. Oh my god. What a funny day this turned out to be!", he said amusingly.

"Oh wow. What a coincidence! Wait, I have an idea. How about I give you my number then call me when you get to see her."

"Really?! Oh my god, she'll love that surprise, man! Oh. By the way, my name is Gregory Quinn. But people call me Greg.", he said.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Greg.", I held out my hand to give him a hand shake. He gladly took it. We then started to talk for another 20 minutes then exchange numbers.

"Gregory Quinn!", the nurse announced his name. He got up and waved 'goodbye' to me. I gave him a thumbs up and mouthed,"Good luck and Congrats!". He smiled and nodded. I was actually happy for him. Hope to talk to him soon. Right after he got in the hallway of the ER, The boys arrived here.

"Hey, Hazza! Any news?", Niall said with food still in his mouth.

"Nope. But I did make a new friend. He's a father now. Well, as of today.", I said.

"Aww!", they rang out in a choir.

"Yeah. We talked for like 40 minutes and he told me that him and his girlfriend wanted to be surprised about the sex of the baby."

"Well that's adorable!", Zayn spoke.

"I hope they turn out alright.", Liam said sweetly.

"Yeah same here.", I said a little quietly.

"Lovebirds these days.", Louis sighed.

"Oi! Lou! That might be our little Harbear and Mel when they grow up more!", Niall said jokingly.

"Shut up!", my face then flushed with red all over.

"Aww! He's blushing because he knows that it is true!", Louis said.

Sad thing is, that's probably true.


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