Styling Up My Life (13+)

Melissa Lawrence is just a normal girl... Except she's a backup singer for One Direction. She has always hating Harry ever since she met him. But will she see the real him? Will there be lust or love with them? She can't stand him. But he can stand her. He's always had his beautiful eyes on her.
13+ for language, a bit of SMUT, and some crude humor.
Hope you enjoy!!! :) xx


6. Chapter 5

Harry's POV

I seriously don't know what her problem is. Maybe something before she met us. We've known eachother for a year and I really wanted to ask her out. But they she then decides to be a bitch to me. I mean I'm not even doing shit to her but except flirting. I've fancied her since the day we met. She's beautiful, talented, funny, a hint of bitchy, sarcastic, etc. She makes my heart race, everytime I see her. I know that sounds girly but it's true. She probably thinks that I'm a man-whore. But I'll prove to her that I'm not. I'm all hers. I saw her run up into her room with a mad look on her face. Felt a little guilty but I can't do anything now.

"Is she alright?", Liam said concerned.

"I-I don't know.", I said.

"Did you say anything bad to her? You know. Like when you guys made us wait in the car?", Louis said in a sassy tone of voice.

"No. I didn't. Well... I hope not."

"What do you mean you 'hope not'?", Niall said.

"Guys! Stop pinning me questions!", I growled at them.

I just needed to get out of this room. I went upstairs to my room. My room is right next to Melissa so I went to go check on her. I opened her room, only to be surrounded by darkness. I left the door open so that I could see her. I saw her little body on the bed, laying on her stomach. I sat next to her and stared at her. I know that sounds creepy but she's worth watching while asleep. I leaned over her and brushed some hair covering her face. I looked at her for a second then kissed her lips. She didn't move at all. No sudden movements. My lips lose contact of her light pink lips. I smiled at her presence infront of me.

"I know you can't hear me because your listening to music but, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. I wish I can rewrite the past. About how I forced you to kiss me but it's just that I feel lonely. I have the boys, my family and you but I mean in relationship wise. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry, Mel. I know you probably hate me and I know that I act like I hate you but deep down, I really like you.", I confessed.

Still no sudden movements. I guess she's a deep sleeper. She'll probably forget about everything tomorrow. I guess I still have to flirt with her until she wants me. But, shit. That won't ever happen. Not in my dreams. I got up from her bed, kissed her head and left the room. I popped my head through the door again and said,"Sweet dreams,love".
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