Styling Up My Life (13+)

Melissa Lawrence is just a normal girl... Except she's a backup singer for One Direction. She has always hating Harry ever since she met him. But will she see the real him? Will there be lust or love with them? She can't stand him. But he can stand her. He's always had his beautiful eyes on her.
13+ for language, a bit of SMUT, and some crude humor.
Hope you enjoy!!! :) xx


5. Chapter 4

The boys and I had technology all around us. Microphones, headset, everything. I was waiting for my part in "C'mon, C'mon", which is the chorus with the boys. Not much but atleast it's a part. I kinda like Louis' part. The "move a little closer now" part. It sounds sexy. Harry wouldn't stop winking at me the whole time. I can tell that his 'little friend' calmed down... But not for long probably. I tried to ignore him but he's soo cheeky. Wait. What? My mind is talking shit.

"Alright, you guys! That's a rap for today.", The studio instructor said.

We were about to leave until Harry piped up and said,"Well actually, all of you guys can go on ahead. I need to speak to Melissa privatly."

Shit. Not looking forward to this. Everyone left while it's just me and Hazza. He moved closer to me. I felt his strong hands on my waist.

"Now we're alone. Ya' ready, babe?", Harry said, with a big smile on his face.

"Let's just get this over with. The guys will wonder what's going on.", I said.

"Oh they can wait. Trust me", he winked at me.

"I'm sure they ca-", I was cut off by his lips on mine.

He started to kiss me slowly. Tongue swishing in every part of my mouth.

"If you wanna get out of here, then you gotta kiss back, babe.", he told me.

I hesitated but then started to move along his pace. This reminded me of that time in the kitchen. He made the same move on me. And I hate it. Same old damn moves. He then squeezes my bum. I gasped into his mouth. He giggled a bit. His kiss grew hungrier. He then moves his hands up my shirt. This can't move any further.

"Harry, stop.", I pleaded. Yet he didn't. He felt my stomach, sides and then my breasts. I moaned a bit.

"You like that, Mel?", he said, seductively.

"HARRY, STOP!", I snapped at him.

He removed his hands from my shirt, then lifted his hands up as if he were about to be arrested. He backed away from me to give me some room.

"S-sorry.", he looked down to the ground.

I stare at him and stomped my way out of the room. Leaving him there alone.

"Ugh! Why can't he just pay a fucking prostitute, instead of kissing me?!", I mutter to myself. I made my way to the parking lot. Seeing that all of the fans are gone. I found the car that we all rode on the way here and hopped in it.

"Hey guys...", I said.

"Hey where's Harold? Were both of you alright?", Liam said, being conserned.

"Oh we're fucking fantastic!", I said, sarcastically.

"Ok?", Niall said.

I look through the transparent window to see Harry walking towards my side of the car. I take my hand up to lock the door. He looked at me with a 'What the fuck? Seriously?' look. I shrugged at him. I didn't want him near me now. Just not yet. All I just want to do is be by myself.

We arrive back home and I jump out of the car. I ran up to the door and waited for someone to open the door. Zayn came up near me and inserted the key into the door. I thanked him and ran into my room. I landed flat on my bed. Plugged in my earphones into my iPhone, played some Evanescence then eventually fell asleep.
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