Styling Up My Life (13+)

Melissa Lawrence is just a normal girl... Except she's a backup singer for One Direction. She has always hating Harry ever since she met him. But will she see the real him? Will there be lust or love with them? She can't stand him. But he can stand her. He's always had his beautiful eyes on her.
13+ for language, a bit of SMUT, and some crude humor.
Hope you enjoy!!! :) xx


11. Chapter 10

"Harry, I have a panic disorder."

"Anything else?", he questioned.

"Depression.", I honestly said to him. He didn't look so pleased when I told him that.

"Why would you tell me this now?", he asked me with a very questionable look on his face.

"Oh, I don't. Maybe if someone would have stop trying to fuck me then I would have told you a lot about me!", I somewhat yelled at him. He sits there,quiet. No words were spoken for a few moments.

"I'm sorry...", he mumbles to himself.


"I'm sorry, Melissa.", he apologizes to me. "I'm really sorry, Mel. I must be honest with you. I have had a huge crush on you ever since I met you. That's why I was trying to impress you."

"First, yeah I kinda noticed that and second, so impressing a girl for you is to take control over her?", I asked.

"I'm really sorry that I took advantage. I just really wanted you."

"In what way? You horny bastard.", I spat.

"Ugh. Why can't you just look at the present time?", he said.

"You took advantage of me not to long ago!"

"Ugh! How many times do I have to say sorry for you to forgive me?!", he yelled.

"I don't know. Maybe when you ever stop trying to sleep with me!", I barked back at Harry.

"You're unbelievable.", he mumbles again but I hear him clearly.

"Ditto.", I said.

We both sat quietly in our seats. I look away from him again and so did he. He starts to get interested by his shoes.

"Could you... Could you at least tell me w-what happened in your nightmare?", he stutters.

"Well... Umm... My ex, Chase, was gonna kill me and-", I was cut off by Harry's hand on mind.

"Is there any back story I need to know about him?"

"H-He was abusive to me. One night he was very drunk and I tried to make him go home. But he didn't listen to me and he...", I stop my sentence, trying not to cry. Just thinking of that night, fears me to death.

"He raped me, Harry.", I confessed. Harry then looks at the ground, hand tightening in mine. He looks at me in silence.

"I thought that you were going to rape me w-when you took advantage of me."

"Melissa... I would never do that to you. I know and you know damn well about that.", he said.

"I'm not sure about-"

The doctor came in, interrupting us.

"I'm sorry to bother you but a few minutes ago I heard you guys yelling at each other. Is everything alright?"

"Yeah. We just needed to resolve a few problems. That's all.", I answered.

"Ah,I see. Couple issues going on?", he questioned us again.

"We're not together. We're just... Uh... 'Friends'", Harry answered him.

"Alright. Well, Ms.Lawrence. You must take Prozac again. Every single day. Don't forget it or you'll end up in this place again.", he stated.

"Alright. I promise, I won't forget.", I said.

"Ok then. Your good to go now.", the doctor said.

"Thank you.", Harry and I said.

We then leave the room to find the boys sitting in the waiting room.

"Hi guys",I greeted.

"MEL!", They all said at the same time. They all got in and gave me a group hug.

"Guys your squishing me", I said. We all laughed and I had to do some explaining to them. While that was happening, Harry just stood next to me almost acting like a mute. After we finished having a group conversation, I then checked myself out of the hospital.

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