The Girl Band

Natalie kiss has never been very popular. She doesnt have a good life at home and at school it is even worse. But with singing the only thing that gets her through, what will happen when she decides to give a shot at the X Factor and get puts into a girl band? How will her life change? Will it be for the better or will she not be able to handle the pressure? Will she also be reunited with her Brother who she hasnt seen for over 10 years? Read "The Girl Band" to find out. One direction and Little mix fan fiction.


3. The audition

It's finally the day of my audition and not gonna lie, im bricking it. I really don't want to be rejected, that would just be so embarrising. Still no one knows that im going to audition and i'd like to keep it like that untill further notice. I moved out as well. I just couldn't stand it in that hell hole any longer, so i moved to the center of London. It feels so good to be finally free of my parents and school 'friends' for once in a long time. I feel safer now and i dont have to worry about anything! I managed to get a job in New Look in Oxford street! It's really nice there and i have made loads of new friends! It does get lonely sometimes in my flat, so i decided to by a lizard. Yes thats right, a lizard. Its a bearded dragon and its called Billy. My friends from work found it really odd that I didnt get a cat or a dog, but the truth is, im terrified of dogs and cats! Embarrising i know but they just seem to clever and like they know to much if you get what i mean? And also i was attacked by a dog when i was younger and i had to have stitches on my ankel and finger! I also just hate how cats turn up anywhere, like they're always watching you? I dont mean to offend anyone by this, they just aren't for me!

It's about 8 in the morning and im just about to leave to get to the arena. I finish getting ready, putting the last finishing touches to my outfit before i quickly feed Billy, grab my bag and i am on my way!


*At the arena*


Woah this place is actually packed! I knew there was going to be lots of people here but i didnt expect that many people! There is no way im going to get put through. My thoughts where quickly interrupted by someone who i suppose works there, telling me to make my way to the stage. i hadn't even realised it was my turn so soon! I looked over my lines one more time before i was told to make my way on to stage. Here goes nothing!


"hello whats your name?" asked Tulisa sweetly.

"Natalie" I replied, even i could hear how shakey my voice was.

"And where are you from?" Asked Tulisa again. I knew she knew i was nervous so she was trying to be as nice as possible.

"Watford" I was giving short answers, i was way to nervous to have an actuall convosation, but looking out at the massive audience i think i was entitled to!

"OK best of luck" She finished as all the judges smiled at me. Gary didn't seem to impressed however, i think he was dreading this more than me by the looks of things seeing how nervous i looked.

As the first beat of Kelly Clarkson's Dark Side started i completly forgot about the thousands of pairs of eyes on me, not to mention all the cameras for TV. Crap i totally forgot this was going to be on TV! Oh well people had to find out sooner or later.

I took one last long breath in before i started to sing

"Theres a place

That i know

its not pretty there if you have ever gone

if i show it to you now

will it make you run away

or will you stay

even if it hurts"


I could see the judges smiling at eachother as the audience cheered for me.


"Please remind me who i really am

every bodies got a dark side

can you love me

can you live mine"


After about a minute the song was over. I was a bit to scared to look up, but when i heard cheering i knew i did good. Just as i thought, the whole audience was on their feet, along with the judges! I was not expecting that!

Once everyone had settled down the judges started talking.

"I have to say i was not expecting that, but that was something special! Your confidence could do with a bit of help but other than that i thoroughly enjoyed it!" Gary told me with a big smile on his face.

"Yeah i have to agree with Garry on that one, your confidence does need some help but you'all have such an amazing voice it didn't matter, however, i do actually see you in a girl band" Kelly Rowland said! I really wasn't to keen on the idea, there was no way i would ever fit in, but instead of doing anything i just nodded and smiled.

"Right lets vote" Tulisa said saving the awkwardness i knew was gong to appear soon.


"A deffinate yes from me"

"Louis?" Tulisa said next.



"100% yes from me" At this point i had a massive grin on my face. Come on just one more yes.

"And it's a yes from me congratulations your through to boot camp" Tulisa ended making a lone tear escape my eyes.

"Thank you so much!" I said as i walked off stage. That was amazing i can't believe that actually just happened!




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