The Girl Band

Natalie kiss has never been very popular. She doesnt have a good life at home and at school it is even worse. But with singing the only thing that gets her through, what will happen when she decides to give a shot at the X Factor and get puts into a girl band? How will her life change? Will it be for the better or will she not be able to handle the pressure? Will she also be reunited with her Brother who she hasnt seen for over 10 years? Read "The Girl Band" to find out. One direction and Little mix fan fiction.


1. Introduction

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* Great. My Alarm Clock. Usually the sign of a brand new day, new opportunities, but for me, well, just another day of hell i guess.

"NATALIE! Get your fat ass down here this instant!!" I heard my mother shout at me from downstairs.

Like i said, another day of hell. I ran downstairs to go and see what my Mother wanted.

"yes Mother?" I asked my Mum as politely as i could. I didnt want to make her anymore angry than she allready was!

"Make me my breakfast" she rudely replied.

"But i need to get ready for school!" i answered back. Not a good idea at all.

"Dont talk to me in that tone of voice you little cow. Now make me some breakfast before i get you're Father to come down" She said with a slight evil smirk on her face. i cringed when she called him that. He's not my real father, just my step father but they make me call him my father. My real father left us when i was 6. Im 17 now. but i still knew exactly what she was talking about. My mum met him about 6 years ago when I was 11, and 3 years ago when i was 14 he got my mum into drinking and drugs which then resulted in both of them abusing me and us being in alot of debt. I never told anyone about it because they said if i did the punishment would be much, much worse than it already was.

I imediately got to work making her the best breakfast i could and as quickly as i could. I didnt want to be late for school on my first day back. Even though i was dreading going back. Im in six form at the moment studying photography, music and art. I do like school. I work really hard and always get good grades, it's just the people there that i hate. You will find out why soon enough. I quickly finished making my Mum her breakfast before runing upstairs to get ready for school, but also so my Mum couldn't shout at me if i didn't make the breakfast how she wanted it. She'd just have to live with it.

When i got upstairs i went to my bathroom to have a shower and wash my hair. I scrubbed my body really hard to get all of last  nights events out of my head and off my skin. I know its impossible to make bruises, scars and burnsdissapear by washing them, but I still tried.

After my shower i quickly blow dried my blonde ombre hair that went down to just above my bum, got changed into my light blue skinny jeans with a grey New York jumper and my flowery Doc Martins before adding a little bit of mascara, foundation and perfume. It wasn't just to make me look better, it was also to try and cover up the bruises you could see that weren't covered by my clothes. I looked in the long mirror that was on the inside of my wardrobe door. Same old me. I never felt good about my self. However, when i did someone would always knock my confidence back down. Oh well, only one more year till i can leave that horrible school and never see anyone of those people again.

I grabbed my school bag, keys and phone before going downstairs, grabbing an apple without my Mum seeing me and left the house. I only live about 2 minutes round the corner from my school, so i just walk everyday.

Once i walked through the gates i could see everyone running up to their friends and saying their hello's as it was the first day back. Me however? I just walked straight through the corridors to my first class, photograhy, trying to ignore all the rude comments that where being said to me. I Just hope this year goes by fatser than the other ones.

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