The Girl Band

Natalie kiss has never been very popular. She doesnt have a good life at home and at school it is even worse. But with singing the only thing that gets her through, what will happen when she decides to give a shot at the X Factor and get puts into a girl band? How will her life change? Will it be for the better or will she not be able to handle the pressure? Will she also be reunited with her Brother who she hasnt seen for over 10 years? Read "The Girl Band" to find out. One direction and Little mix fan fiction.


2. I can do this

As i walked into my photography class and made my way to my seat, at the back of the classroom i could here sniggering behind me. I turned around to see none other than Elliot Grigs. The school heart throb, the boy every girl wanted to me with, my best freind... oh wait, WAS my best friend. Until he became more and more popular and started to become ruder to me. It was about 3 years ago, not that long, but that was when he became popular and stopped talking to me. We used to be inseperable and we told eachother everything. That's how he knows so much about me and my family. He just uses it against me now.

"Morning natalie. How's mummy and daddy? Or should i say step daddy?" He said in a rude tone as he got up from his seat and walked over to me so he was standing a little bit to close for my liking. His face pushed right up to mine to make him more intimidating but all i could smell was his cigaret breath. "Because your real daddy left you didnt he. he didnt love you anymore. Or that skanky mother of yours. And what about your brother huh? He left you to? I don't blame him. Nobody loves you Natalie. And you will NEVER" he spat as he said never "get any where in life." There was now a crowd gathering around us trying to see who will make the next move. I didn't show much reaction to him though, because its true and i know it is. But that clearly wasn't the reaction he wanted. I suddenly felt a sharp pain on my arm where my step father burnt it on a hot pan yesterday. I looked down to see Elliot holding my arm tightly.

"OWWW" I screamed out tears starting to form in my eyes.

"Shut up i bearly touched you you ugly cow" He spat back in my face.

I held onto my arm tightly where the burn was before a couple of tears escaped my eyes and ran down my face.

"Aww no is the little baby crying" Elliot said whilst laughing to all his mates as they started to join in.

The pain in my arm now stopped, i guess it didn't hurt for long because im so use to all the pain. But it then started to really hurt along with the side of my tummy where my scar was. I looked around to see people towering over me as i realised i had been pushed onto the floor and wacked my scar. It hadn't properly healed yet as it was only last week, but i didn't tell anyone about it. My hand started to get really warm as i looked down to where i had been holding my scar. Blood. It had opened up again. I pulled my self up off the floor when i heard gasps. My scar was bleeding even more now and everyone could see. Someone then lifted up my shirt which just caused even more gasps.

"Natalie what the hell is this?!" One of Elliots friends asked me.

I looked down at my tummy and i could clearly see all the purple and blue bruises, new and old, along with some burns and of course my now opened scar. I looked around at everyone else. I didn't know what i could say. Everyone was staring at me but for once it wasn't with disgust or hate, it was with hurt, shock and sorrow. So now they only feel sorry for me because of that? Well im not going to start forgiving everyone now! No way!

"Excuse me" I tried to say even though it came out as more like a whisper.

"Nattie wait im sor-" Elliot started to say but i shortly cut him off.

"Do not call me Nattie. Ever. And no your not. None of you are." I didn't know what else to say so i left it at that before running out of the class room and out of the school. I don't care anymore. I couldn't do this any longer.

I ran straight home to try and stop my scar from bleeding anymore. Luckily my parents where at work and won't be back till later so they won't know about any of this. After about 20 minutes i finally got the scar to stop bleeding.

I went back into my room and took out one of the floor boards. Inside it i keep my laptop, phone (when im not out), Ipod and money, about £50,000. Yes its alot but i have been saving for years and i have a few small jobs to to help me get more money. My parents dont know i have any of these things because if they do they would sell them then use all the money on drugs and alcohol.

I took the laptop out and placed it on my bed before turning on and logging on to you tube. I post video's of me singing on it, but i never get the top half of my face in them or say my name because i don't want any one to recognise me. I guess im quite good as i always get really nice comments and i have over 250,000 subscribers! I looked at some of the new comments people had posted when one in particular caught my eye.

'You should go on x factor because your amazing!'

I actually though about it for a while. This could be my chance. I could forfill my dreams and prove everyone wrong. I can have a fresh new start and meet new people. I have money, im old enough to leave school when ever i want and im old enough to move out! This is perfect i thought to my self.

I quickly got up an aplication form for the x factor and filled it in. I sat there just staring at it. Should i really do this. I have nothing to lose? I quickly pressed send before i could change my mind. Wow this is amazing. But then i realised that the auditions where in less than a month and i needed to start practicing some songs.

I went back to my youtube page and looked at my most popular videos. 'Hey there Delilah' by Plain white t's, 'Shine ya light' by Rita Ora, 'Dark side' by Kelly Clarkson and 'Marilyn Monroe' by Nicki Minaj. That looks like a pretty good selection. I wrote down what the songs and downloaded the instrumentals for them along with the lyric sheets.

Just one thing though. Im not gonna tell anyone. No one really needs to know or seems to care. i can do this all on my own.



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